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  1. Is she no longer attending? Seems to have dropped off the website and photo schedule but there's no cancelled section or announcement here?
  2. That would make sense. Sounded like he wasn't being allowed into an open queue.
  3. If he was on open queue you could and should have been able to go in then.
  4. I think the crew member may have been confusing two people in one photo with one person having multiple tickets as there is a token system for that I believe.
  5. AH! You mean hawkers, no idea why they're called that though. These are quite common at (particularly sporting) events and I think I have seen them at LFCC in the past. I thought you meant someone in a Ghostbuster cosplay, possibly to promote the launch of Tiny Rebel Brewery's Stay Puft marshmallow porter beer.
  6. There's absolutely loads all over the place. Hopefully these Google Maps links work: Restaurants Bars and pubs
  7. That would make sense. When I contacted him years ago before the current application system I was told to use crew@ but there could be a dedicated one now.
  8. Email Stuart on crew@showmastersevents.com with Extra Help in the subject line. I think he's still in charge of it but if not he can point you in the right direction.
  9. Having recently crewed with a footballer at Collectormania, I can say that regular Sharpies are not the best for football type shirts which you've said yours is. They're fine on t-shirts etc. but you'd be better off at least getting an extra thick marker.
  10. I've never seen stalls with out of box ones at any Showmasters event (or at least no more than 1 or 2 on a stall), but you could try the London Pop Market event.
  11. Next time it's updated I expect; it's usually done periodically rather than guest by guest as far as I know.
  12. Sigh, there's already a thread for this.
  13. Could a mod PLEASE pin the original thread so maybe people will comment in that one instead of this one or starting another new one?
  14. That's not happened yet, so they aren't ready. There must be hundreds of thousands of them so it will take a little while to get them *all* sorted as I believe they prefer to have them all up at once rather than drips and drabs. As you already know there will likely be an announcement on this forum when they're all up, so keep an eye out for it. It will likely be a pinned topic like the previous announcements.
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