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  1. MrCharisma1066


    I queued up for ages to get Autograph vouchers and Photo-shoot tickets for ages at LFCC Summer and got not much done, because, except the already photo-shoot tickets I already had. The queues were always massive and not moving at all.
  2. MrCharisma1066

    Guest suggestions

    How about some guests from Veronica Mars Arrow Warehouse 13 Jessica Nigri (Cosplayer)
  3. MrCharisma1066

    Guest suggestions

    Kristen Bell would be awesome along with Ksenia Solo or Anna Silk from Lost Girl.
  4. Summer Glau "Come with me, if you want to live" Stephanie Leonidas "Lovely to meet you" Casper Van Dien "Kill them all, Rico" Sharni Vinson and Wendy Glenn "To Adrian You're Next"
  5. MrCharisma1066

    guest you wish you had gone to meet?

    I wish, I had bigger budget, so I could have met all GOTs who attended and Kelly Jean
  6. MrCharisma1066

    Guest suggestions

    Me would like to see guests from:- Lost Girl Defiance Tv series Once Upon A Time Haven
  7. MrCharisma1066

    Experiences with Guests!

    I had good experiences from all the guests I met, but the best came from Stephanie Leonidas, she was a happy, chatty and down-to-eath guest and the other best guests experience was Jason Narvy and Paul Schrier, the suff they were just hilarious.
  8. MrCharisma1066

    Who had "No posed photo" signs today?

    I had noticed that Brooke Tessmacher had no posed photos, nice guest though.
  9. MrCharisma1066

    LFCC Schedule - UPDATE 3!

    Shouldn't be Update 4, what with Natalie Dormer canceling and Summer Glau, not able to make Friday preview.
  10. MrCharisma1066

    Budget Problems

    I would go for Carrie Fisher and G.O.Ts then see who you want to meet afterwards
  11. I have found it better going alone, I don't have to constantly try and find the people I took to conventions and can stay as long as I want without having to miss out on things, cos friends wanted to leave before I was finished.
  12. So when is the photo-shoot tickets going to be on sale? She's been advertised on web-site for three days now.
  13. since it's going to be hi and bye, you probably won't get more than ten seconds with Stan, since he has all those shoots and talks.
  14. MrCharisma1066

    Latest Guest Announcement - EVE MYLES

    She was great as Merill in Dragon Age II
  15. MrCharisma1066

    Ticket numbers

    Mine are all fairly low Cerena Vincent - 3 (Friday) Jason Narvy & Paul - 6 (friday) Summer Glau - 8 (Friday) Natalie Dormer - 34 (saturday) Dina Meyer - 3 (Saturday) Casper Van Dien - 2 (Saturday) Amy 'Lita' Dumas - 21 (Sunday)