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  1. Hi folks. As Im sure most of you know what happened with Rory Hazlie down in this show and how he didnt really get sent down for it. I am wondering if Showmasters have expressed an opinion on if he is banned from this event? I know in Glasgow he isnt welcomed at local cons and was even escorted out. Last time I saw him at a showmasters event he made a pass at my wife and several other females during the course of the day. I confronted him but dont want to be in the habit of doing that whenever I see him as it would land myself into trouble along with anyone else who tried to confront him.
  2. I really hope they have some proper air con in there its always warm and i feel for everyone dressed up!!
  3. X-man I totally agree! Because I do jack as a job I treat collectormania as a day off where I can dress for my family and have fun so I don't always be in character as it is sore on the throat doing the voice!
  4. Hi folks! Looking forward to seeing everyone tomorrow! Just got a wee question for you, any of my fellow cosplayers go into character if they get approached for pictures by adults or kids? Anybody ever had any children so over whelmed with your costume that they get scared?---hate it when that happens. Also, since of the area we are in tomorrow you do sometimes get wee idiots appearing trying to cause trouble! Anybody had any altercations with some of glasgows finest at cons? In the past Ive had some of them demanding shots of my sword and if I have to go somewhere and wont stand for pictures with their brats Ive had the ned mothers going in a huff because of it and making comments haha
  5. Haha totally agree re Hen parties!!! I've taken out insurance on my outfit to prevent any accidents haha!!
  6. Mate it can get busy! For the past 3 years I've arrived at 12 and always walked in, think it's because lots of folk who are there for 9 are out having a breather! Your wee one will love it matey!
  7. Looking forward to seeing all the fantastic outfits this year!! Btw there is a cracking pub called the projectionist which has opened at xscape! It's a film theme! Great place to go to for a wee break and a rum or twenty!!
  8. Last year it took place in the late afternoon mate! If you are there for the whole day just remember its a long day! I was shattered beyond belief but the competition was great fun to enter!
  9. Thanks Melmo! Will pop over to say hi at the desk :) looking forward to watching the cosplay comp, won't be entering it this year haha
  10. Zara will be awesome seeing you there :) if I go dressed up its just to hand out business cards! Been so busy with the sparrow work I think a wee break is in order haha also since I'm pirating in disneyland Paris at halloween I'll still get my pirate fix :)
  11. This cosplayer has got it spot on with the reasons! I suffer the worlds worst stage fright and anxiety even though I used to play in bands and everything but when I dress up as jack the stage fright disappears because folk don't know its me underneath haha Its now got to the stage where I do Jack as a professional lookalike so I would encourage any person to cosplay to look into the lookalike game as it seriously opens up some doors :)
  12. Bringing the kids this year first time for them :) Might hang up my outfit and just come as a civillian so the kids can experience it!!
  13. Hey mate, generally cosplayers are very very friendly! The only times I say no to a picture is if im sitting having food because I think its extremely rude folk coming upto you while your mouth is being stuffed with food haha. Last year at collectormania I was trying to have my dinner at the exscape and this woman bold as brass came right upto my table with her kid "jack, gee us a picture" and my wife had to actually hunt her because she became so aggressive that I was having a break! haha Also on my way out of braehead I took seriously not well due to the heat and was close to passing out point and a cosplayer girl took the huff because I had to say "pal im going to pass out if I dont get out of here" I think you can use your judgment on it :) obviously if the person looks fine then just go up! but if the person is eating or looks like they are on deaths door then I wouldnt haha!!
  14. Hey folks I was there as jack sparrow on Saturday on the hunt for some pics!!
  15. Was a great day out!! Big thanks to everyone! Can't believe we won first place joe!
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