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  1. yea secc would have been better to be honest i remeber my first convention was at secc ( this one i think ) back in 2004 and loved it but point is that even if there was alot of people there would still be more room to move in lol why do i get the feeling its going to be at secc next year lol
  2. i agree the staff were excellent and entertaining espechally during the cosplay comp think i may have afended one fo the main cosplayers hope i didnt ( i ask because i wasent sure if she charged ) sorry if i did :) the ques were way too long ( know it cant be helped ) but yea hour and half lol but so worth it the other main thing is its very hard to find ( when in talks ) other ways of getting down i dont really like the stairs ( nothing to hold on to ) i know its nothing you guys can do but its very aqward to get down from on top of that there was no easy way to find the lifts could have been signs or something lol other than that awsome day came back with a decent haul and lots of memorys thank you so much wish there would be one in december lol
  3. as title thank you for a wonderfull convention everyone in my party ( i cosplayed as grell suitcliff red jacket ) really enjoyed themselfs to teh cosplay staff who was saphire ( one of the judges ) sorry if i afended you with the quistion i asked didnt think that trough loved everyones cosplay great work this year and yea thanks for a wonderfull time :)
  4. ted dibiasie and jim duggun was there last year mate :) iam going ot get his autograph but is photos ( from own phone ) charged as well yay for head ( sorry if cross lines lol )
  5. iam going as grell suitcliff from black butler so anyone cosplaying as sebastian mickhal beware lol if brought plastic sissors would they be confiscated at all
  6. truth be told lyesterday was my first time cosplaying ( doll maker and yes i will point that out all the time ) nobody came up to me wich was a bit dissapointing bu ti dont really blame them but one guy who was dreased as the capaldy doctor ( i lost track of the numbers ) commented on my goggles i had to tell him who i was lol another guy ( one of the guists ) asked me if i had just came home from work i wasent sure how to take that know he was kidding ( and he was apoligetic ) but still lol so yea i didnt get any trouble but i do understand what you guys are saying i was looking forward to going as harly ( made up fo rit by buying a harly lego figure awsome ) but got so parranoid that i changed it kept on thinking of people jumping me and stuff but the experence taugt me who cares if people causes proplems for you for doing soemthing you love then they are the ones waisting their lives not yours
  7. thanks to everyone that i had my photo taken with loved youre costumes ( i was the dollmaker white shirt striped apron and gogles ) sorry if was rude to anyone it was getting really hot and i dont do well in heat as i said loved the costumes
  8. hi guys thanks to everyone involved with this years convention was a lot of fun was only there today but had a blast none the less ( iam the guy in the striped apron ) thanks once again see you all next year :)
  9. can anyone tell me please what time the cosplay show is on sunday also iam going as the doll maker lol last minute change :) thanks in advance
  10. what is the cosplay desk anyway never heard of that to be honest
  11. sorry about this guys but need advice the proplem with me is i keep on having too many ideas ( iam autistic ) and to be honest not very good at sticking to something but was thinking of this for harly quinn but need youre expertese to see if it would work or not simply put alex from clockwork orange but done in harly style thought it would be simple to do no design painting or anything and the only thing i need to do is make up ( and get a cane ) but would this work for harly my inital thinking is that they are essentail the same charecter ( if you think about it ) thanks in advance
  12. lol thanks guys the reason i was asking is because ive been watching a lot of cosplay vids and its seems to be mostly companys thats has them
  13. how about a fake bird painted to look like one or a rubber chiken ( refrence to the judge dread scarecrow story from the batman judge dread crossover ) also i meant to say death sorry lol
  14. not sure if i will be doing it but say that i was is there any rules or anything oviously ask for permsion first but do i need to be part of a company for example just want to keep my self right thanks
  15. good luck with the judge dread costume the beano ( old school ) is awsome did you both enjoy the experence for the bird ( sorry cant spell it ) you can get like a toy one from poundland or any cheap shops iam costume shopping today so yayyyy have fun whne the day comes all the best
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