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  1. This would also be a great idea, since 2015 is next year :-)
  2. I personally would love this guest over, I think he's most famous as Shooter McGavin in Happy Gilmore, government agent Kent Mansley in the animated film The Iron Giant & as Lou Landers / Hourglass in the film called Superhero Movie. Your Thoughts Guys? Cheers Jake
  3. Do any fans think this would be possible??
  4. what do you think guys???? Famous for Hebert in Two & Half Men & Whose Line Is It Anyway? Thanks Jake
  5. I wonder if it would be possible to get one of them over??? What does everyone think about this?? Thanks Jake
  6. Would love to meet him he's a legend in my eyes! What you guys think?
  7. Kurt Angle would be a good shout he loves the UK fans!!
  8. Yeah Katey would be awesome also I'm a big Futurama fan!
  9. I Think Billy Gunn would be awesome but let's just see what's happens any wrestler guest is better than no guest
  10. yeah cool never really saw the second season to be fair fully. But good shout and glad you like the idea too
  11. I think this would be very good if ShowMaster could do this, Amazing infact I would love to meet any of the following Katey Sagal - Cate S. Hennessy Kaley Cuoco - Bridget Erin "Bridge" Hennessy Amy Davidson - Kerry "Care Bear" Hennessy Martin Spanjers - Rory Joseph Hennessy What you guys think?
  12. Sounds like an amazing idea for EMS in October
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