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  1. Thanks TooTall! It seems so real, and so near now the schedule is up! Yay!
  2. Whohooo! Was gutted when he couldn't make CMMK before due to the weather being bad. x
  3. Yay!! Brilliant news! For lots of reasons I kept missing Chris when he came over. As a result have lots to get signed and better start saving now! Squeeeeee!!!
  4. Thanks sweetie, I'm so glad you harassed us all to buy tickets, and that I managed to get the last ticket. I tried to look out for you through the day to say thanks, but I didn't see you. Glad Kai enjoyed his food then, lol, and that I didn't make a fool of myself! x Thanks Debs! Thanks Terrie, that's so sweet. You are setting me off again now!
  5. veganmaxine

    Thank You

    I just wanted to say Thank You for all 8 brilliant hubs. To Jason, Mark, Paul, TooTall, all the crew, Malcolm, and to all the fans who I have met, chatted to and befriended over the years at my favourite con ever. And to all the guests for being so down to earth, friendly and hilariously funny. I am so going to miss The Hub. Hub 8 was brilliant, though a little quiet (we did manage to make lots of noise though), and very emotional at the end too. One thing I will take away from hub 8 is my actually winning something this time too - breakfast with Kai, as I am normally too terrified to enter/ bid on these types of prizes! Thanks Dawn for helping me out. I hope you guys will post your memories of HUB 8, as I am always hopeless at remembering everything until you jog my memory! I did remember to watch 'man falling off chair'on youtube though, which had me cracking up before it happene as I could picture the guys faces from yesterday watching it on stage! Highlights for me; Kai's Hub thank you speech during his talk, which set some of us off in the front row, at least; Kai phoning up Tom Price and letting us chat to him, and a Message from Russell T via Gary Russell saying thank you to us all for our support - can anyone remember the exact words here? We were all blubbing again at this stage! I don't want to believe it's actually over now. Hope to see some of you at Chevron, and other ME cons too. Hugs, Maxine
  6. Hi Debs, the best time I ahd was when my sis decided she wasn't coming snd I got to talk to anyone/everyone in the queues etc. Don't worry hun! I'm not looking forward to this either, but only cos it's the last one. I am totally dreading it, but then I guess we all are. Love and hugs all, see you later Maxine x x x
  7. Gold1 - i just knew it would never happen again once I got gold 1 ;0( No letter yet though, just me receipt x
  8. Lovely idea guys! i'll look out for yous!
  9. Thanks Stuart. looking forward to the weekend, however sad ;0(. Will be needing a double photoshoot methinks!
  10. Haha, definitely!!!! I'm loving this! We should do it definitely! Thanks Yvie! Glad you are feeling better now. I've had that once and i don't want it again! Horrible x
  11. Thanks Stuart! Sounds interesting!
  12. Please? Pretty please?! I've been trying to think how my Kai Owen photo could look different for this, the final hub ;0( Sobs x
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