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  1. So glad the date changed as now I can attend the entire Saturday rather than half the day as i was originally having to do. Last years EMS was my first con and it literally changed my life so I am stoked to go again this year! If anyone from Torchwood or Dr Who is there I will be thrilled, particularly Eve!
  2. Please invite Eve as one of the guests!!! I've spoken to her about it a few times and she has said that EMS was one of her favourite conventions to do and that she would love to go back again if she were asked. She really made the convention for me last year and it would be amazing if you could get her back again this year. I know that, work permitting, she would love to come again! Please???
  3. Eve Myles!!!!!!!!!!!!! Tom Price Kai Owen John Barrowman Burn Gorman Alexa Havins but mostly Eve!!!!!!
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