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  1. That makes me feel better as I didnt know him before either! I think if I met him i really would want a homeless dad picture signed!
  2. watch more films :P I loved him in Homeless Dad Was that the film he did for the studio so that he could make the harrowing film he wanted to make about drug addiction?! it most certainly is
  3. watch more films I loved him in Homeless Dad
  4. I'm sad so few people have seen this show otherwise they would be in here!
  5. i think him being the only fun one in the first one meant they couldnt really do more without him!
  6. Mattzo!!! better come support us over here too!!! WORD!
  7. i need a word with that jensen ackles
  8. everyone pays for it by attending the events so everyone should feel they've paid to have a reet ol' moan about whatever they like
  9. i wonder what you were searching to find this
  10. Iron Man is a freaking awesome film!
  11. There really isnt an answer to what makes a guest "BIG"
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