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  1. I went on Friday and I enjoyed myself but I thought it was not as well organised as it could have been. I thought there generally wasn't enough staff/volunteers and they weren't in the right places guiding and advising crowds. Where there were people working for the event they didn't seem to know enough crucial information. It was also extremely hot especially in the big signing area and I thought a bit more space and organisation in this area might have helped.
  2. Re. the 'Aliens' credit. Remar has such a huge body of work I find it strange that the event page has 'Aliens' as one of the three things he is known for or is attending this even for. I realise Showmasters likes to have groups of actors from certain projects all together but given that he was apparently sacked for drug use and he has done so much since I think it would be better to have other listings like 'The Warriors'.
  3. Jean-Claude Van Damme £45 - Yes Chris Pine £55 - No Ian Holm £45 -No Dolph Lundgren £45 - Maybe Christopher Eccleston £35 - Yes Karl Urban £55 -No Sean Bean £40 - Yes Zachary Quinto £75 -Seems way too expensive, so no at this price, but would love as a guest and cheaper Orlando Bloom £65 -Maybe, but again quite expensive, would probably say yes if at £50 or £55
  4. Stayed at Hotel Lily - never will again. The staff shouted at me when I was checking in. I was charged for breakfast even though I'd already paid - had to ask for a refund. There were rusty pipes/broken furniture in room. TV didn't work; shower didn't work, burned my hand on faulty remote control Dirty cups and smelly bedsheets too. Staff are very complacent - they were also arguing with guests a couple of times when I passed by reception. It was £75 a night and I'm never going back.
  5. I was wondering if the William Shatner talk would be after the 11am standard entry or could it be scheduled for before then meaning I'd have to buy an early entry ticket? I know it's time TBC I just wasn't sure whether to chance purchasing the talk ticket and a standard entry now or wait until the time is confirmed.
  6. Corden looked like he was going to blow up with anger for a minute there! I think instead of taking Patrick Stewart's commens as teasing he really felt insulted.
  7. I thought Matthew Fox was so amazing in this episode and Jorge Garcia also was excellent. I must admit when it ended I was confused about WHEN they had all died but after thinking about it realised the island world was real. Things like the Oceanic 6 escaping/Widmore leaving and having Penny with a non-islander prove this. I've never been so emotional about a show before and the Vincent scene just killed me! The mythology doesn't seem to matter anymore as it just is what it is and there is no explaining some things - like the Big Bang sort of thing, where do the questions end? I thought there were some surprising choices in the episode - like Kate killing Flocke and then escaping the island. I thought the MIB's story was terribly sad though as I feel he wasn't evil but a victim of circumstance - but his death was necessary. I keep thinking now of MIB's line to Jacob in Across the sea: "what are you gonna do when she dies?" as like an end of LOST analogy! Greatest show of my life
  8. I thought Titus Welliver was awesome in this episode. Now I feel really sorry for MIB/Smokey.
  9. 1. Character with the best flashbacks (Hurley) 2. Character with the best flash forwards (Jack) 3. Character with the best flash sideways (Ben) 4. Favourite 815 passenger (Locke) 5. Favourite Islander (of any sort) (Locke) 6. Favourite "anyone else who came to the island" (Bernard) 8. Favourite baddie (Ben) 10. Favourite three episodes (Exodus 1/ Ab Aeterno / Tricia Tanaka Is Dead) 11. Favourite series (One) 12. Outstanding contribution to LOST (Michael Emerson)
  10. I agree with the Zoe thing - her baby talk style voice seems really put on. It's like the actress is trying to be geeky but not really pulling it off that well. Was the thing about the tomato not knowing it is supposed to die a reference to Ji Jeon or something else?
  11. Amazing episode, loved every minute of it.
  12. Anyone think David looked like a young (the original) MIB? Dogen also asked Jack "how long has he [David] been playing?" and I thought that might be a clue about him being the game player with Jacob - they are obviously keeping MIBs real name quiet with all that 'this is my friend, my FRIEND...' stuff with Claire. I think Crazy Claire is awesome btw!
  13. I'm enjoying it still but the same stories seem to keep coming around again and the same dilemmas for each character.
  14. Has there actually been any real clues to the guest's id?
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