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  1. The more people who come to these events the more guests Massive Events can afford to get. If you are still only thinking about coming then you should definitely buy a ticket. These events are fantastic, great guests, great fun, and if you do have to pay for autographs you can choose on the day who you want. My experience has been that the less well known guests can often be the best at these events, and make the whole event great value. I guess I`m saying it's not just the big names that make these events. Best one I attended was when Ben Browder and Chris Judge cancelled, the "alternate" gue
  2. I guess that the cost is probably a big issue here, but considering there is nearly always an episode of Stargate in Sky, I always think it is a shame there is no commercial advertising the Chevron events. I was a fan for years before I realise that there were events in the UK. I had always presumed you would have to go to the US of Canada to attend conventions. Especially consider the quality of these events and the great guests that attend.
  3. I felt so sorry for the crew on Sunday, they were doing a fantastic job, but some of the people queuing were really quite rude to them. I was in the same boat as everyone else, as a Gold ticket holder I did the photo shoots on Saturday assuming that the queues would be okay on Sunday. Interestingly, the photo queues were a good example of how to, and more importantly how not to move large numbers effectively. The queue being look after by Ian ran really well because he was making sure that Gold A was first, followed by B then C and so on. This meant that you knew where to queue and
  4. I was VIP at a previous event, and would suggest asking the crew member who is running the room, or the queue for each guest so that you don't offend anyone. The crew were really helpful, and so long as you are friendly about it no-one minded me queue jumping. Although, I tended to go in about 5-10 people from the very front just to be polite. You have many more photos and autographs to get, so you will struggle if you have to wait in every queue. If in doubt, just ask the crew, especially Too Tall who is the go to man for VIP's.
  5. Such great news, she is the only one who has yet to sign my Massive Events poster, so this means I can hopefully complete the set. Fantastic guest, will be great to see her there.
  6. Fantastic, met him last week at Chevron, so can't wait to repeat the experience. Thank you Showmasters.
  7. Britfan

    Lost Mug

    I have left my Stargate Mug at the hotel. If they are able to track it down for me is anyone available to pop along from the Renaissance this weekend and pick it up for me? Loved the mug, can't believe I left it behind
  8. Does anyone know how many VIP tickets have been sold? I noted they were still available on the online shop today.
  9. Thanks for posting, Guess I won't be drinking too much Friday night since the photo shoot with Michael is early Saturday. Dead excited - can't wait.
  10. Was starting to panic that Hurricane Sandy and all the cancelled flights was going to ruin the chances of the guest getting over here. But realise I was being slightly selfish with all the devastation caused on the East Coast. Love and best wishes to all those affected in the US, and safe and happy travelling to all our guests.
  11. Good tip - and the meals at the pub are huge and for a very reasonable price. Just check you timing so you don't miss any of the talks.
  12. Most important thing to remember is to wear comfortable shoes! you will be standing up for a really long time in various queues for photo's and autographs. After that it's up to you, the people at these events are really friendly, so feel free to start up conversation, we are a chatty bunch and always happy to welcome along new attendees. Another tip is to get to the room for the talks in plenty of time for your number to be called, if you have a low number ticket you will get ti sit closer to the front, but they fill up in rows so if you are late there is no guarantee you will get to sit
  13. Agree totally, she has done so much stuff, especially here in the UK, and I'm sure she has loads of stories to tell
  14. Fantastic news about a new guest. I was at the Con when Ben and Chris cancelled, and people were disappointed with the guest's that replaced them. Those guest turned out to be wonderfully funny and charismatic and a real treat. Sometimes it's the less well known stars who are the real gems of the weekend. Meeting Michael is going to be fantastic, and I am really looking forward to meeting Bill and Patrick, but they are the well known stars and everyone will be flocking round them, it's the lesser known stars that turn out to be really interesting. Can't wait... Would be happy with
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