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  1. 30,000 combined steps for the weekend, with almost 19,000 yesterday with LFCC and theatre in evening
  2. I spent an hour and a half on and off Saturday morning trying to find a cloak room. Both crew and venue staff were telling me different things. I gave up after venue staff said they were all closed. I go out the door Sunday afternoon to see a cloakroom. Irony at its finest
  3. I'll add my two pennies worth in. I've been coming to these for about 7 years now and for me I think this was the smoothest the event has been: Positives The venue was great, plenty of room to sit and wander stalls, plenty of toilets, plenty of staircases that never seemed to get too cramped. The crew were again brilliant, don't think I interacted with anyone that wasn't polite, smiley and cheery. The guests were just gems. I didn't know what to expect with Jeremy Renner but he was so sweet, and genuinely looked like he wanted to be there, so worth every penny of the Diamond Pass. Mads, Michael Emerson, Harold Perrineau Michele Gomez, Jonny Yong Bosch, Jason David Frank, Edge, Sean Maher and Elden Henson were all lovely, engaging and a pleasure to meet. I did catch Elden at a slightly awkward time as he was trying to direct his brother to where he was so before he got to me was on his phone for a little bit. It was slightly awkward but he apologised a couple of times and I completely understood and was just a case of bad timing. Still was happy with my experience. The queuing to get into the venue was seamless. Loved the bag search and ticket scanning to then be pre-loaded into a queue system. Thought it worked so much easier than people being outside, and all 3 days I was there I got low VT numbers. The photoshoots again were completely seamless, and crew were extremely helpful in getting the queue moving etc. Negatives: Spacing of guests was a little haphazard. It does happen every year that a couple of guests are much more popular than anticipated and it ends up creating a scrum/bottleneck. Perhaps more polls on social media can be done for the medium sized guests to try and work out appropriate levels of space? The back wall of guests was also ridiculous at times, particularly on the Saturday. I knew from seeing it on the Friday it would turn into a scrum and it did. Think it would have been an idea to move the Star Wars guests that were across from Famke, Mads etc. to a different area so that entire space could be used for queues and maneuvering. Every show, guaranteed, you have attendees refusing to move along and come back even if their VT ticket is 450 and the guest is calling up to 250. So, that little bit of extra space would have been helpful. Paid for Talks - I only had one of these for Renner included in the Diamond Pass but I do think there should be a seperate area, closed off if you are going to offer paid talks. Yes, people get a seat if you pay, but it still doesn't stop people from loitering and listening for free. Overall though, brilliant event. I didnt attend last year, but from conversations I had with several people this year was a massive improvement
  4. Security were quite on the ball all weekend but the ones I saw seemed nice. Jeremy Renners photoshoot two people were cosplaying as Black Widow and Hawkeye and had fake arrows/fake guns. Security calmily went over, asked a couple of questions politely and checked them. No fuss from what I saw. Most are nice and are just doing there job protecting who they're with. Though perhaps Famke's was a little over-zealous
  5. Zahariel or anyone with diamon auto. Go first thing in the morning. He was personalising first thing on Saturday! I assume Showmasters just wanted him to get through as many as possible so they stopped him personalising. But he was when I went at 9.30! Absolute gem of a guy! Seemed like he was having fun and a lovely smile
  6. My guess would be Kit Harrington. I'm not sure if he's still doing a play in London but as it's just the Sunday that could very much link in
  7. Just to be clear it's been a while since I've been to Olympia. The "West" entrance for standard holders that's the red line marked on the map/screenshot?
  8. You should be fine. If it's getting past 9.30 and you're still no where near the entrance i would speak to one of the crew so you dont miss your photoshoot
  9. YES! Excellent guest announcement! I'll be definitely meeting him for his work on Criminal Minds! Excellent -thank you!
  10. I'm so pleased I decided to meet him. He was one of my guests of the weekend! Took his time with everyone, hugging and taking the time with people and giving gifts -I've never heard of a guest doing this before. I got a rubber band and a candid photo of the original cast after the initial read through -what a genuinely lovely guy!
  11. Yeah FozzieFuzz mine's exactly the same. Placed the order on the 08/09, was viewed on the 13/09 but still no action's been taken. I just dont want there to be any problems that's all, so best to be prepared lol
  12. I'm not sure if this is the right place but thought i'd see if i could get some advice. I ordered my ticket last week and the money still hasn't gone out of my account. I've gone back on the order and it just says that it's been viewed. I emailed the email address on the bottom of my order confirmation email but haven't got a reply - any advice? Thanks
  13. Gutted that she is there on the Sunday and I can only go on the Saturday. Please get her back again Showmasters!
  14. aww John is such a sweetheart! May check monies and meet him again
  15. YES!!!!!!! This is very exciting Hopefully he will have fun then bring his lovely wife with him!!
  16. It has now been announced that he will be in the new X:Men film!
  17. OMG! OMG! OMFG! Massive love for this! So, so excited now -thank you!
  18. Hmn, great guest for fans of Game of Thrones and I do know who he is but personally not a headliner for me
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