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  1. He was! HE was in Underworld Awakening.. See pic below if i've attached it correctly. :) [ I can't attach it but google him i nthe film ]
  2. I wish True Blood cast could be considered..that's all I looooooove. :3
  3. I've seen the hobbit three times..and again for the fourth on thursday lol. love it! i've had more fun watchign that then talking to some idiots at work!
  4. Sean Bean. [One does not simply not want ot meet this guy] Richard Armitage [just because Thorin is amazing] Aidan Turner [he's awesome in being human and as Kili in Hobbit] Benedict Cumberbatch [is apparently going to be the necromancer in the hobbit, plus he is amazing] Sean Astin is cool, i'd like to meet him again.
  5. I'd rather go here than on holiday somewhere hot right now lol! Still missing it. #bringbackbitten #startearlywithpromo #joinmeinapoll
  6. I have a friend who hasn't been to a convention before, but if you got loads of Star Wars guests, she would come, as will I! Alexander skarsgard would also be amazing llololololool.
  7. Just came back here to check things out.... I miss Bittennnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!
  8. COUNT DOWN COMPLETE! WOOOHOOO see you all later! x
  9. How weird is it that it's got down to only 2 days to go?!
  10. oooooooooooommmmmmmmmgggggggggggg!
  11. NIRVANA - SMELLS LIKE TEEN SPIRIT!! the prodigy - warriors dance pendulum faithless - insomnia [that song that goes "if you like pina coladaa, and getting caught in the rain..! -- don't know who it's by D:] black eyed peas - where is the love eminem - just loose it lil wayne - mrs carter [just because it's my surname and I lvoe him ] B.O.B ft Taylor swift - both of us Delilah - Go Drake - Headlines Ed sheeran - you need me, I don't need you nine inch nails - closer kings of leon - closer florence + the machine - spectrum gotye - somebody that I used to know jessie j - lazer light jessie j - do it like a dude & price tag katy b - perfect stranger kings of leon - use somebody nicki minaj - whip it & starships rihanna - cheers & man down & S&M professor green - jungle [dubstep if you have it] rihanna - where have you been
  12. fangbanger

    Bitten 4

    So it is! Well, perhaps with bitten 4 everyone can try and do this..
  13. fangbanger

    Bitten 4

    I'm on holiday next week so I won't have time :/ I'll see if I can this weekend though..
  14. fangbanger

    Bitten 4

    And we could contact like pages on facebook as well, get them to advertise the event as well, was going to do it this year but not sure if I would be allowed etc.. We could get so many more people I think with getting the event on facebook more, I have tons of liek pages to do with true blodo that I think would reach out to a lot of trubies.
  15. Looking forward to maybe teaching the americans "Ladygarden" if they don't know what it means already that is.
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