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  1. Will Stan be doing personalisations when signing or just his autograph?
  2. Manu Bennett is a MUST for a future con, not only for Spartacus fans but for Hobbit fans too. I'd also like to see Lucy Lawless. I haven't seen many actors from the Spatarcus series do many cons so I think showmasters should get on this NOW.
  3. Hello I'd like to suggest Michael Ironside, the voice of Sam Fisher in Splinter Cell and known for his roles in Top Gun, The Machinist, Total Recall, Starship Troopers & X-Men: First Class. My brother has always wanted to meet him as he's a huge Splinter Cell fan so it would be great if Michael could attend a future event. Cheers.
  4. I asked about getting one and they said they'd send one out to me as they already had my details for the auction. If you won something and you want a COA I recommend posting a question on the forum. I wouldn't know who to ask.
  5. It was just great to meet DDP. He was a true gent. It's great that Showmasters have been getting some huge wrestling names in the past couple of years. Keep them coming.
  6. I agree, the auction worked great. I prefer the old way of all sitting down and bidding for items with an auctioneer but I understand why this was changed as in previous years some items were sold very cheap. Good for attendees but not healthy for business. I was outbid on a few items I wanted but I managed to win the Tom Cruise mounted autograph. It was impulse rather than desire but I'm happy I got it. Just waiting for the COA.
  7. Hello My friend is coming to his first showmasters show tomorrow and is adamant on getting a talk ticket for the Mortal Instruments panel. I'm seeing that the panel might be very popular so I'm wondering if early bird tickets will be available on the door tomorrow? We'll be arriving for the queue at 7.15am to try and get early bird tickets, is that possible? I usually just turn up and get a standard ticket but I'm worried tickets will run out if we get in the show after 11am. I really don't wnat my friend to miss out on this. Thanks.
  8. Really looking forward to meeting Sylvester McCoy. He was great as Radagast in The Hobbit. Got this photo signed by Ian Mckellen, so to get Sylvester to sign it too will be awesome.
  9. With all the recent gust announcements for Collectormania and LFCC surely we're gonna hear some guests announced for this event? The event is coming up rather quickly and I haven't bought tickets yet as I'm waiting for more guests to attend. Update anyone?
  10. The only guest worth getting for me is Jed so I need a couple of awesome guests to make me part with my cash. I hope some new guests are announced soon.
  11. My dream guest would be Sir Christopher Lee. Just to see such a legend of film in person would be fantastic. Like many others I'd love Sir Ian McKellen to attend an event like this but met Ian a few times and he told me he's very open to the idea of attending an event like this but he's always busy. It would be nice to see some old showmasters guests again like Andy Serkis, Bernard Hill and the four Hobbits. I can't wait to see who else is announced in the new year!
  12. So chuffed to see this is definitely happening. Once a few more guests are announced and I have some cash saved I might fork out for the silver package. If I could ask for any guest from the entire Rings/Hobbit world it would be Sir Christopher Lee but I know as well as many people that will be very unlikely. However I can dream.
  13. I'm sure everything you want to hear will be posted either by Mark or by someone very soon. I haven't bought tickets myself as for £89 Standard admission I wnat to know which guests are 100% attending. I'm not too fussed about the parties etc so I'm just after some awesome guests to have photos with.
  14. I'll be in the same position. The one friend I have who loves LOTR can't make it. It should be fun regardless.
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