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  1. Tahnee Welch would be a great guest I am sure you announced her once but she cancelled can you try again please. Cheers
  2. Talia Shire and Linda Hamilton
  3. That's never known until the event and can even change throughout the day. Ok thanks for the info Im hoping he does but like you say there's probably a number of factors that can effect this. Cheers
  4. Purchased a diamond pass as I am a big football fan and like people before have said once in a lifetime opportunity. Does anyone know if Pele will dedicate autographs or will we have to wait till the event to find out?
  5. Great guest any idea if he will do dedications or will it just be a signature? Cheers
  6. Kiefier Sutherland, Jean Cluade Van Damme, Bolo Yeung, Lori Petty, Karen Allen and Elisabeth Shue if you could get one of them that would be awesome. Cheers
  7. Yeah really enjoyed meeting Dolph like you say the wait is worth while but hopefully not be to much longer.
  8. Regarding digital copies just waiting on my Dolph Lundgren photo shoot from Saturday I know he did 2 shoots on Saturday and just looks like they have added 1 at the minute because guessing he did more than 194 photos on Saturday. Obviously Showmasters are busy with other shows just wondered if they will make an annoucement when all the photos are up loaded cheers.
  9. Yes, you'll be fine. You'll be able to buy the extras at the same time as getting your diamond one. Thanks first time I have had a diamond pass looking forward to it cheers
  10. I purchased a diamond pass but thinking I might get 3 or 4 things signed so can you just pay the difference when yo go up with your diamond pass if you want an extra one or two autographs. Cheers
  11. Mate love to see that happen if only Showmasters invite him. that's a big if!!!!! Anything can happen just have faith & say your blessing amen. Yeah would be a great guest not sure if he has done a con before but would be wicked if they could at least try.
  12. JEAN CLAUDE VAN DAMME would be awesome please make this happen showmasters surely anything is possible after last years announcements.
  13. Just ordered one. Thanks would have been gutted to miss out
  14. Is there any news yet on whether the Natalie dormer photo shoot is sold out or will there be any more tickets made available? Cheers
  15. Would love to see Alan Rickman or Jeremy Irons both played great villians in the Die Hard Films.
  16. Jean cluade van damme, Gary Busey, Lori Petty, Sean Bean, Eliza Dushku, Rik Mayall, Ade Edmondson, Amy Acker, Sarah Shahi, Bolo yeung, Anthony Daniels. And also would like to see Dean Andrews and Liz white both from Rotherham just down the road so not far to come and need them both on a life on mars photo so that would be great.
  17. One of the best films has to be Enter The Dragon and would love to meet Bolo yeung would be great to get him over. Imagine their would be huge demand for someone like Bolo who has never been to a UK convention. When I met John Saxon in the UK he had a Que all day long. its a shame Jim Kelly(RIP) was never brought over (not to my knowledge) as well. But hope some day will get the chance to meet Bolo before its to late was in some great films loved Bloodsport as well. Please showmasters make me happy
  18. Jean claude van damme would be awesome. Luther guests Idris Elba Ruth Wilson Warren Brown and Rik Mayall,Nicholas Lyndhurst any of those would be fantastic.
  19. Just wanted to say what a fantastic event this was and really enjoyed meeting Evander Holyfield and it was also a bonus that there was photos allowed of Holyfield signing. Full credit to the people involved in getting some cracking boxing guests and cant wait for the next one cheers Mark and Dave for a great experience.
  20. Just wanted to know do you have to pay cash for autographs or can you pay by card as I wanted a couple of Holyfield's and some of the other boxers and its a lot of money to be walking about with as I have not been to this event before. Cheers
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