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  1. The organisers sold a solo photoshoot yet SM didnt deliver because someone allegedly hadnt read the contract correctly and so cancelled it, then decided to send out Too Tall instead in the hope that he's too intimidating to argue with. Basic competency from your staff would be great!
  2. Awful - A 'hilarious' host who loved the sound of his own voice despite appearing to know very little about the show outside of a few facts on a piece of paper A bunch of guests who think that constant fart jokes and gay jokes are funny. A mystery guest which , just to completely disrespect the fans, turns out to be a pinata. Interesting that SM advertise a special guest but then fail to deliver, trading standards anyone? Terrible organisation- started way too late and getting in at your respective call was impossible as no staff walked down the queue outside.
  3. lets be honest.the whole screening was dire from start to finish
  4. hit the gym, feed the pythons a bit......
  5. Has it ever been considered to have photos with cast members and the Iron Throne? Lena Headey has been at SM shows 2 years in a row, I'm sure people would be happy to get a repeat photo with her if they included a picture with the throne?
  6. seems ridiculous to complain about the amount of guests, if showmasters have a chance to book a particular guest ( a chance that might not necessarily arise again due to schedules etc), then they should go ahead and do it. For every person who wants to meet 20 guests, there will be a person who only wants to meet a couple of guests. SM need to offer a variety of guests to appeal to the casual fan
  7. Pedro Pascal Lena Headey Natalie Dormer Edward James Olmos Jamie Bamber Dina Meyer Casper Van Dien Juliet Landau Ian Beattie Kate Dickie
  8. now we have pedro pascal, about how Indira Varma too !?
  9. been looking to meet three main game of thrones guests this year, Pedro, Natalie Dormer...just one more to go....Nikolaj_Coster-Waldau
  10. anyone who went last year, would you recommend the screening?
  11. Hi I note from the showmasters store that Natalie Dormer photo op has sold out? Will anymore be added- just seems strange as its rare for photo ops to sell out in advance these days!
  12. agreed, certainly a show which is under-represented at UK conventions. would love to meet any of the main cast
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