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    All My Life was very good. The performances were great and the movie had a good blend of happy and incredibly sad moments . It wasn't always easy to watch but also very well filmed and did involve you in the characters.
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    They have said that they have a lot of money tied up in hotels and flights for guests. Most likely they are doing deals with those companies to move them to new dates. Keeping that in mind, it means that Showmasters themselves don't actually have the cash to be able to refund everyone if they offered it. The vouchers allow them to basically keep the company going at a time where a lot of companies are having to close because of the virus and lack of income. They have had some cash coming in from the autograph sales, but this probably isn't even close to what they would make from a regular year with cons.
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    I’d say that their best option was to offer a refund but ask people to consider accepting a voucher instead. I’m sure most of us are flexible enough to do so, if able. Hell, if I’m willing to help out easyJet with their cash flow crisis, I’d definitely do so for a company like Showmasters.
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