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I noticed all the recent guests announcements were for Sunday only... does this mean we're getting more for Saturday? I hope so.. since thats the day i'm attending haha!!


I'll say it once more in the hopes that Showmasters can PERSUADE HER this weekend at Amsterdam... Natalia Tena please. I would also LOVE LOVE LOVE Robert Englund. i've missed every chance with him sadly.

Nat is highly unlikely. Her band Molotov Jukebox are playing the Lindisfarne festival on the Saturday and I doubt she'd want to travel nearly the entire length of the country to do a con the following day.



Oh No! I had no idea........ Ach well, sorry for spamming the page. At least I tried HAHA! Got a photo with her at LFCC this year but all her VQ tickets had sold out, so i'm still desperate for an autograph. Maybe next year then xD

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