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Gold Pass Review.

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Early entry on Saturday and Sunday


Gold pass room regularly stocked with chairs, water

and sweets


No need for VTs


Front of talks.


Called second for Diamond Photos and autos.





Goody bag was hardly that. Most of what I had was not worth it.


Being stopped form entering Gold Pass room numerous times today during diamond talks. Excuse was that we may have listened from inside the room.


Crew members who had no idea that the pass meant we could join a queue at any time or go to the fron of the photoshoot queues - more training maybe.


Ten pound auto vouchers - not very useful when your not a Star Wars fan at this event.


Too many were sold- it didn't feel special or exclusive.



I hope Showmasters look at this and give feedback when they come back from the event.


Like I said, we don't want to be treated like royalty but do expect something exclusive for the £225 that we paid.

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Used auto vouchers on GoT and Aliens actresses.


When queuing to Rosa Leslie saw Keishas "assistant" take that 10£ voucher and 5£ note for one auto.


The problem was I am not into Aliens or Star Wars, I had already met the Game of Thrones Guests so had no choice whatsoever.

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My first time as a gold pass holder started of worried on Friday when they I finally got through the door and loads of normal ticket holders had got in before me but on the Saturday got in early which made up for it.

I had 23 photo shoots to get through and was I told before hand I would get it done without a gold pass but I got one anyway and am glad I did as there is zero chance I would have got them done without it.

I did like the gold room to sit done in rest and take advantage of the free bottles of water (thank god they changed to bottles instead of those strange cones they started with)

And have front seats at the talks was great as well.

Don't think I would go to a con without this pass again if I wanted multiply photos.

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getting in early and getting to front of queus was good, but i think the good bag was worthless, the room with snacks needed more than sweets, to me that isnt a snack, even crisps or nuts would have been better, would have been better if we had access to room at all time, i tried to collect my stuff from the room to be told it was closed as they were getting ready for a talk.


Also would have been nice if every photo shoot they called gold first, i had loads of shoots that i had to ask if they were going to load gold first and they very begrudgenly agreed and did it


Not sure if i would pay out for gold again to be honest

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Used auto vouchers on GoT and Aliens actresses.


When queuing to Rosa Leslie saw Keishas "assistant" take that 10£ voucher and 5£ note for one auto.

Know someone who used her auto vouchers at Chris Lloyd without any problem as well and l've heard others use them at other guests as well...feel robbed by sticking to the rules, but not using them because Gemma was unreachable on level 3 and not interested on the rest...

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Firstly the good things:


  • Early entry actually worked on Saturday and Sunday - enough that I turned up at 8:45am and walked straight in both days
  • Allowed me to get a low VQ for Bill Paxton and get his auto by lunchtime on the Saturday
  • I got through first on all photoshoots I attended with no problems
  • Joining the back of any queue to get my autos was very handy and the main reason I buy it
  • The gold room was better this year - always a space to sit, bottled water was much better
  • The autograph and photo vouchers were handy, particularly as most of the crew had no idea what to do with them so were letting you use them on anything - I got 4 separate prop shoots and two autographs (one on the Saturday)


And then the bad;


  • The Friday entry was an utter joke. I am pretty sure there were over a thousand people in that queue for gold entry which went right round the side of that building and took well over an hour to get in - by which time the standard queue had also been pouring in for half an hour
  • They had clearly sold way too many passes - you only needed to see the sheer number of golds at some of the photo shoots. As has been said by others, you just did not feel all that exclusive any more
  • The goody bag - I am bit take it or leave it with this. I don't get the pass to get the bag - it really is just an extra - however, it has had less and less in it as time goes by. What they really need to do is offer it as a 'bagged programme' - so you know you get the nice bag and a programme (which would be more useful). Anything else they stick in it would be a bonus
  • Positioning the room in the talk hall and then throwing you out if a diamond talk was talking place. Seriously, you're worried about 10 or 20 people being able to hear a talk they hadn't paid for (despite being in a room with no windows and quite far back). Quite frankly this was insulting and a very poor show


In summary I would not have attended this event without one, but going forward I am not sure I will attend this event again. It has gotten too busy and is not really a fun and enjoyable experience any more. The guests are great, but just getting around is so unpleasant.

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Have to agree with a lot of what is being said. I've been getting Gold Passes for many years and whilst the actual cost has gone up, the value has decreased in as much as we aren't getting as much for our money.


Granted, we get earlier entry, but not a lot and get to go first for photos etc and join queues without VTs but that it. The good bag was quite ridiculous. One would expect at least a programme in the bag with what we paid.


The gold pass room was a big improvement apart from the debacle with the diamond pass talks, which was quite insulting to be honest. If I'd wanted to hear that talk I would have purchased a ticket....


It really has lost a lot of its exclusivity.

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Entry on all three days was easy

Getting priority in photo and auto queues diamond aside was very helpful

Having a room to go into and relax in with plenty of water was like getting to an oasis

Used my photo tickets for a shoot with Tim Mcinnery and autos for two Star Wars guests on Sunday



Diamond passes now trump Gold, only real guarantee of autos for Diamond is to get a Diamond pass

Goody bag was very poor, nothing of note at all

Disappointing that gold room was closed on occassion, you really couldn't have sat in there to hear talks, certainly not clearly but if there was a concern it should have been moved elsewhere

Seemed like a lot had been sold, was told about 700 by crew



Worth the money overall



Just put in £20 auto and £20 photo voucher which can be used any day with a copy of the programme in the goody bag.

Locate the room somewhere which is genuinely accessible all weekend

More of a range of snacks, there really is only so many marshmallows and mints you can eat in one weekend, Friday there were some crisps but didn't seem to be anything else on Sat and Sun

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