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Klingon photobooth & Orion Slave Girls


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Due to popular demand, the Klingons and Orion Slave Girls :wub2: are back.



Have your photo taken with a Klingon or a Slave Girl, kill a tribble :angry2: ..I mean buy a lovely cute tribble...no, I was right the first time...Tribbles are usless creatures.....



All profits go to support Macmillan Cancer Support. We have already raised over £1,500 from previous events so many thanks so far. We can raise more for this useful cause. :coolthumb:

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I had a photoshoot with the two Orion Slave Girls last year at LFCC.


Was given the choice of klingons or Slave Girls by one of the lovely ladies and the fact I said "Slave Girls" got a cute and healthy laugh/response


To be honest, I cannot think of a much better or more deserving charity and I can only say (from personal experience with Family members) just how amazing Macmillan is - I could say more but I refuse to get all emotional on here.


Macmillan makes those ill with such a despicable illness have a more comfortable life and provides support that is second to none the Nurses do a Wonderful job and bring a level of kind professionalism with them that is comforting to those suffering and brings a level of support to them and their Familes.


God Bless You :) Xoxo

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