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  1. Anyone know when online shop close it caught me out last year
  2. ok dont know if i miss something but.i saw a team van but they didnt seem to be doing rides in it did i miss it ? and where was the batmobile?
  3. will there be jpeg option for this show as i know it was talked about did it happen as id be willing to pay or do we not have any options etc on size of printed picture
  4. sorry if this has already been answered but what do numbers on ticket mean on some i have 10 and 12 but one mine is 147 does that men iv got wait longer the higher the number?
  5. where are the booths to by tickets
  6. ok and was just wondering are there any cash machanes at the event something tell me im going need them or can u card to bu tickets etc
  7. will film be allowed else where at the event
  8. il be gutted if 5 doctor photo shoot sells out today is there anyway saving ticket for 2 morrow also at the talks will we be allowed to film them with normal cammera willing to sit at back so i dont get in anyones way
  9. im going to party on sat night with £25 ticket would be posable to pay to ride in batmobile and will be able to film it take pics etc also is there a dress code to this party? and one last question i guess in ateam van pepole will be sat in front thanks
  10. will all guest have photos that can be signed or will i haft to bring my own (sorry new to all this) also im unable to stand for a long while due to bad leg that im having operated on will i be able to sit in ques or is there something i can do thanks (im not registered disabled but will be soon) unrelated to event but is there any places to eat near by kfc mcdonalds etc
  11. also im guessing this is all imposable John Barrowman - 10.30am 5 Doctors - 11.35am Karen Gillan - 12.20pm Sylvester Mccoy - 10.50am will i not be able to do them all
  12. Iv got tickets for Roxanne McKee - 1.40pm and the talk Primeval - 1.30pm is this going to be imposable ?
  13. Just wondering if you could tell us if anyhting sold out or what ones are running low on tickets thank you
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