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*BUMP*   Hey guys   Wheres my avatar gone?   Gave Dayna money the other night to get tickets booked YAY   Cant believe it's coming to an end but i cant wait for ET8 so looking forward to see

I think it is dead BECAUSE the themes haven't been announced - they give us so much to talk about. I come on every day just to see if we're going to be given a little bit of notice, as things stand n

Regardless of what the theme is for the sunday night, me n Dayna already have our outfits haahaa   I just like to be organised, i dont mind re-using my previous outfits because i love them.   Tryi

Yup I have two final year projects to finish one for the end of march and one for the end of April, but cause I dont know when this operation is I wanna have to March one pretty much finished this week cause I dont wanna be faffing around with it during the last week :thumbup:

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Well the surgeon said I'll be off for 2 weeks...but I wouldve thought I'd need longer than that doing a manual job :blink:


Chicken, mushrooms, peas and new potatos...was tasty!!!! :D:D:D:D All Co-ops own...co-op ftw! :D


co-op is expensiiiiive lol



Naaaaah £1 for the mushrooms, £1 for new potatos....I got a reduced chicken for £1.10 and they last me two days...SORTED :D ....and then I get staff discount so its a bargain tea for me :D

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:blink: Operation? Why for you need an operation?


I want to watch Buffy on Syfy but Dad's watching Clash of The Titans. Booooo. I really thought he'd be watching Buffy.

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Maybe, one of the lads in my place has had his gallbladder out and he was off for 6 weeks...as much as I quite like the idea of being off work for that long...I will run out of sick pay and the years only just started :blink:


I have to have my Gallbladder out Dayna got gallstones :D

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