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  1. bfsfreakaof

    The future of Voice Artists

    Tara Strong would be amazing, she seems so much fun on vine :) she often posts videos from conventions in the states and stuff. Phineas and Ferb has a pretty epic cast....
  2. bfsfreakaof

    Guests we would like at a Vampire themed con.

    Got to say, i really don't want a strictly vamp con. Especially not new vamps. I like older vamps, but not enough to spend money on them if that makes sense and while i have loved True Blood and Vampire diaries in the past, these days i actually can't watch them, Vamp diaries got boring and True Blood makes me rage so bad (yeah if you want to enjoy TB never read the books because after it's almost impossible) But i think right now with the current trend in movies and tv shows, why not just do books to movies? Twi, TMI, THG, Divergent is picking up cast and popularity, warm bodies, beautiful creatures, deliruim... there is so many right now and you could even delve into Harry potter or LoTR which you'd had guests from before. Sticking to young adult might save the problem of being too vague but yeah. Think of the authors you could get aswell, you've had some amazing ones at twilight cons, think how many more would want to come if it was for more YA fantasy/Romance. And i guess you could still include VD and what not (but with VD anti- biotics might be needed too)
  3. bfsfreakaof

    A Forensics/Crime show based Convention

    Love this idea! There's so many good shows to choose from it would make the chances of great guests nice and high if that makes sense if they couldn't get mains from one show there's many more to choose from still. Though personally Criminal minds would be my favourite... then probably cold case :) (also funnily enough they've probably had loads of guests from these shows before lol, I mean like Michael Welch who we had at ET5 also was in well... most of the crime shows. Most younger American actors have been in at least one of them at the starts of their careers)
  4. bfsfreakaof

    John Henson for the final Eternal Twilight

    Dude wrong series lmao. But I like it! oh hush, the gif is still appropriate and that's what matters
  5. bfsfreakaof


    this has nothing to do with a certain money grabbing film company that leaves a bitter taste in fan's mouths is it? one cough for yes two for no? lmao sad times though, this was going to be my place to see my ET friends when that was over, now i don't know when i'll see people! :'(
  6. bfsfreakaof

    General Rambling

    co-op is expensiiiiive lol
  7. bfsfreakaof

    General Rambling

    you want to know why the weather was nice today? It's because i removed my sunglasses from my bag, the moment i brought them the sun vanished so i kept them in my bag just incase, then i saw the fog this morning so i figured i might as well leave them behind....
  8. bfsfreakaof

    General Rambling

    i swear i saw something like that on cake boss can i call you cake boss lady? though tbh i would re-name Buddy rice crispie cake boss because it seems most of his cakes are cereal treats =/ .... are your cakes actually cake?
  9. bfsfreakaof

    General Rambling

    i would suggest getting a blues t shirt, but for one i'm not even sure it would say birmingham on it (even though it's birmingham city... you think i'd know seeing as i work at the grounds but tbh i pay zero attention) and yeah, i know how people are about football lol
  10. bfsfreakaof

    General Rambling

    0_o see i know where you could get a wolverhampton one easily lmao, i could tell you where to get loads of wlvo merch but yeah well there goes my suggestions and being a brummie i feel a little lost that i couldn't help lmao though i did just google the uni hoodies and they seem to be the only uni that is odd and doesnt have the classic university of whatever hoodie lol... heck even Aston uni has one! sorry my city sucks
  11. bfsfreakaof

    General Rambling

    hmmm =/ odd.... i wonder if you could get a universty of birmingham hoody.... most unis sell them
  12. bfsfreakaof

    General Rambling

    i'm not going to be able to get my ticket till the end of march i don't think =/ hopefully there will still be silver tickets left! Also for a birmingham hoody simply head into town and buy one, being in birmingham it won't be hard to find the tourist information place used to have loads of stuff like that
  13. bfsfreakaof

    Sunday Night Party

    DEFFO NO ON THE KARAOKE FRONT! Yeah the suits were in the parties at one point, told people off for being near the dance floor with drinks! yeah i was not impressed by them telling us to get off the dance floor with drinks i mean i had a plastic glass from claire lol Sometimes I do feel a little singled out by the hotel as a group of people, if you get me, lol - would they tell the other functions not to go on the dancefloor? maybe it's cause at ET6 there was a broken glass on the floor for a large chunk of the night, someone had obviously dropped a drink and left it and even though it kept getting reported the hilton took forever to come sweep it off, apparently it took someone falling onto said broken glass first. But tbh, not having drinks on a dancefloor makes sense to me, they aren't safe =/ you spill then it gets slippy and sticky and gross, if it's glass it could break and yeah, the amount of times i've nearly stepped on someones drink cause they left it on the floor is crazy! and dancing with a drink in your hand doesn't sound like much fun to me =/ i'd be too worried about spilling =/
  14. bfsfreakaof

    General Rambling

    no worries, he came home and i am bathed :) i no longer smell well i do, but now i smell nice instead...