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  1. More batches now added in Eventbrite for Andy Serkis. Photo op booked
  2. Thanks Raylenth, I’ll keep an eye out for more batches (hopefully). They haven’t mentioned Serkis being sold out, so would seem likely. I’ve emailed SM as well now so will update if/when I hear anything back.
  3. Yep. It shows batch 1 to batch 5 all greyed out so these have already been sold. No more batch numbers mentioned so unable to select one for purchase. Therefore payment won’t go through without a batch number
  4. Hi, does anyone know if more photo op batches are due to be released for Andy Serkis are they sold out. Unable to book currently. Thanks
  5. I think there are going to be multiple announcements tonight. If it was just one, it would of been announced within the same week. Delaying it, sounds like there's a few others to tie up before 7pm tonight. Just my thinking... Bring it on!!
  6. I think it's going to be from the list below: Andrew Lincoln, Emilia Clarke, Gillian Anderson, David Duchovny, Mark Hamill, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Linda Hamilton or Lena Headey Pleeeeeeeaaaaaassssseeee!!!!!
  7. The laminate pass is your actual Diamond Pass. I don't think we had any dog tags in the Diamond Pass packages last year. So, just to confirm, the only thing that is sent out in the post is the laminated Diamond Pass (sent out to the address to the individuals address on Eventbrite)?
  8. Ok thanks. I logged in to buy the ticket but have since filled in my home and shipping addresses. I guess this would now be sufficient, yes?
  9. Hi, just bought my first Diamond pass for Jeremy Renner. Q: If Diamond Passes are sent out in the post, where are the passes sent out to? Only ask because wasn't asked for an address when I bought the diamond pass....and just want to make sure I receive it ok. Thanks!
  10. I don't ask for much: Andrew Lincoln Emilia Clarke Evangeline Lilly
  11. I'm looking to purchase an MJFox photo shoot ticket, but it's now only available for the Sunday. I can only attend Friday and Saturday. As a gold pass holder, can I buy the ticket for Sunday and then use it for Saturday? Thanks
  12. Andrew Lincoln and Chandler Riggs. A Grimes Diamond double! I live in hope. But probably MJF and CL in the Delorean.
  13. Andrew Lincoln, Kiefer Sutherland, Lauren Cohan, Bill Murray, Uma Thurman, Emilia Clarke will satisfy my needs. Don't ask for much do I!!!
  14. First I would like to say thank you to Jason and the Showmasters crew for putting on such an amazing event over the weekend. Something that will stay long in the memory. There were many positives from the event, but, in my opinion, there were also things which SM can learn from, from the experiences that people had. E-Ticketing - this is a must. Sooner the better. I've been to cons in N.America and buying these tickets prior to the event makes it much less stressful for when you turn up on the day. Also, this allows entrance tickets to be bought up until opening time. When you get to the queue at the con, your e-ticket gets scanned, you get a coloured wrist band, dictated by the type of ticket you hold (1,2,3 or 4 day). When it's time to open the doors, everyone just walks in. Entrance tickets - these should be limited to x amount per day. I would definitely stop pay on the day on Saturdays to avoid excessive queuing (and it could get worse if the event gets more popular). The queues outside - these were highlighted within the forum days before the event so it would be easier for people to know where to go to when they arrived. I had no problem finding the gold pass queue. Exclusive tickets for A class stars - great idea! Works in America. They have 'VIP tickets' for all major stars. The VIP e-ticket is bought prior to the event and includes 1 photo op (priority queue), 1 autograph (priority queue), guaranteed seat at the talk (if applicable) and getting into the con 1st for every day (sometimes prior to opening). This might make Gold passes redundant though as 'Gold' will not be priority at autograph and photo op queues. AC - with the amount of people at the event, it was clear to me that the body heat in the arena was going to control temperature in the place. I didn't even feel the AC all weekend. Silver tickets - should be scrapped. You either have Gold/VIP exclusive tickets, or general entrance tickets. Autograph queues - VQ does work, but when you are handing out number 1,000 on Saturday at 11am is not right because you're getting people's hopes up for no reason. Again, this should limited to say 500 VQ tickets per star per day considering most if not all stars have 2 photo shoots and a possible talks to attend. Add in lunch etc and 1,000 isn't happening. If it exceeds, open the queue up, but limit it to 20 in a queue. Barriers at Autograph queue - to limit the length of queues when obtaining autographs, have a barrier all the way across next to where the VQ numbers are to stop over crowding and having excessive queues. I believe SM will have more control on the length of the queue. Photo op queues - Zig-Zag Barriers are required here because of the amount of people getting photo ops now. the photo ops ticket numbers are not being adhered to as much as they where a couple of years ago. Again, this would give SM more control by only letting in the people within the barriers with the correct op number. Gold pass holders @ Photo ops - the queue needs to be marked clearly. Again, because of the amount of people around the area. This can be done by a separate barrier at the side where the few can queue. These are only my opinions of what I think could work in the future. Feel free to discuss and for Showmasters to use at their next event. I'm already looking forward to the LFCC Winter! Bring it on!!
  15. So, the correct answer to my first question is Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes!!!!
  16. Thanks Showmasters. For me, this was today's big news!!
  17. Oh well!! Can I ask. If I was to buy a silver pass, would this be advantageous in regards to the photo ops, or would I always have to join the back of the queue? Many thanks
  18. Hello, I see that the regular Gold Passes (not comic) are currently unavailable to buy. Can you please let me know if more will be made available for LFCC as I only will be able to get one at the end of this month? Thanks!
  19. Okay. Lets begin with Emilia Clarke & Robert Patrick. Then Carrie Fisher, Ian McDiarmid and a few from TWD - Rooker, Reedus, Cohen, Lincoln, Wilson. I would also like to see Special Agent Fox Mulder and last, but definitely not least, my namesake, the beautiful Kristanna Loken ❤
  20. Kristanna was amazing! Great to see again after 10 years and still as beautiful . She enjoyed seeing me every time I went up to get her autograph and at both her photo shoots .
  21. I see that Kristanna hasn't got a photoshoot today (Friday) but is she signing photos etc tonight?
  22. As the amount of tickets being purchased is increasing at every Convention, the simple answer is to have e-tickets. This would guarantee everyone receiving their ticket in good time before the event and nothing getting lost in the post. The ticket office would then be able to stay open for longer, until a least a couple of days before the event begins. There would be no posting cost either. All conventions I've attended in America do this. Makes sense because if the demand. Simples Something for future events. Just an idea.
  23. Great guest. Well done SM for this announcement. Met Norman in America recently. He was the most popular person at the event by far. He allowed posed photos with guests when getting an autograph. I am so glad I got my gold ticket . Now get Michael Rooker over here!
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