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  1. 2012 my first post. I'm not giving up lol
  2. Mr.T Carl Weathers Dolph Lundgren Talia Shire Burt Young Brigette Neilsen Richard Gant All under one roof!
  3. The original live action TV spidey
  4. Would love to meet him!
  5. Always up for cons. Always in n around the UK too.
  6. djw87


    Surely due a con in the UK
  7. 7 years n still not giving up on this one lol Any chance of getting these two A-Team legends for a con? it's been painfully long since they were at a SM event
  8. Clancy Brown for spring LFACC to accompany Christopher Lambert #Highlander #TheKurgan
  9. Any idea when the Saturday schedule is announced? Photoshoots..talks..etc
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