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  1. Believe me, those of us crewing appreciate the printers just as much as you do
  2. Nobody ever has to cause a fuss. You only need to go to the crew member manning the printer, show them your photo and explain what's wrong. If it's an issue that's simply "I don't like the way I look", you'll probably not get it redone, but if there's something glaringly obvious like a photo taken mid-blink, then I'll have another crew member take a look, take the photo from you and have you placed at the front of the crew for a re-shoot. If you don't tell one of us then there's no way we could know you're unhappy with the photo. It's really no bother at all to get the re-shoot done.
  3. It's awesome to see positive feedback. It's one of the things that makes me want to keep on crewing (alongside possible insanity)
  4. I noticed there hadn't been very much activity here. And that simply wont do. So lets discuss!
  5. Booked! Now to dance around the house at 3am.
  6. damn. i'm working all this weekend sadly, and even if I wasn't, i've just got back from spain and am completely broke D:
  7. Hey, I received an email earlier informing me that the deadline for conformation email replies was tomorrow, however there's no trace of a conformation email in any of my email folders. Is it too late to have another one sent out?
  8. That doesn't sound good. There's nothing in my junk email folder either O_O I know the deadline's passed, but would there be any way I could have the email and reply as quick as I can? I've really been looking forward to EMS. If it's too much trouble then don't worry about it, I'll just apply for the next one =/ *EDIT* So I just checked back through my sent messages on hotmail, and it says I replied on the 6th. I got the email while I was on the laptop so I replied straight away. For some reason Windows Live Mail had the 3rd at the date bit. So I've been worried over nothing. Sorry about that...
  9. You posted on the 7th saying they were sent out the night before, I received and sent mine back on the 3rd o.O Either way, it has been done. Looking forward to March
  10. Now that is good news! I don't follow WWE that closely anymore, but whenever I turned in it seems she was around. I know she is just portraying a character, but it is amazing how quickly a mute button is pressed. The only downside is that she did so many WWE Make A Wish Foundation visits. I wonder if she will be requested as much now she is not employed by them? Fear not. Jillian has just been taken off of TV. She will still be working for WWE as a trainer at FCW :) SO. It appears that "Thwagger's Thoaring Eagle" is now off of TV. Wanna know how? He got eaten by Hornswoggle... I know Chavo isn't worth much to WWE anymore, but COME ON!
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