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  1. Unfortunately it's not permitted to discuss conventions ran by companies other than Showmasters in this forum, however I will say that I have been to two of the summer LFCCs and the guests they've had have been phenomenal. My advise, just watch the announcements and decide nearer the time which you'd prefer if you're only able to do one. Showmasters events really are awesome though
  2. Id squeal with excitement if this did get announced but somehow i don't believe it is that. got to cross fingers and hope. whatever it is will be good. Yeah, this would be too good to be true. Can't even let myself consider this being a possibility, I'd get far too excited!
  3. In all honesty, I did not have one single problem over the weekend at LFCC. I know that some people had issues, particularly when it came to meeting Stan Lee, but I think out of the thousands that went a hell of a lot of people were perfectly happy. Yes it was extremely crowded but as Queen_Sindel mentioned LFCCW will not be as busy, in fact it was rather calm last year actually. I wouldn't be put off by anything that you may have read, you'll have an awesome time.
  4. That wasn't Jason hosting or that wasn't Jason in the black shirt with pink flowers? That wasn't Jason at the commentary. I did see Jason on Saturday morning help getting people in the building but I can't remember what he was wearing
  5. I had such a wonderful weekend!! I'm truly sorry for those who struggled on Saturday and didn't get what they wanted, I can understand how disappointing that must have been. We had early bird tickets for both Saturday and Sunday and wouldn't have it any other way! Saturday We arrived at Earl's Court at about 10:50am and could see the humongous queue that was going around the building and onto the street! Due to our early bird ticket we were able to stroll straight in. Yes, throughout the whole day it was crazy busy and very hot, however away from the stalls there were gaps for people to sit (granted on the floor but at any convention that's good enough for me!) to have a break or something to eat and was a little cooler. The prices for food and drink in there is steep however I can't believe that has anything to do with Showmasters but rather the venue. We had no problems getting any of our autographs, who were David Wenham (dreams made), Lawrence Gilliard Jr and Vincent Ward, all of which were so so lovely. We also didn't have to wait long to get to our David Wenham shoot. My only gripe with that one was that the photographer really didn't make the effort to get the best picture. Due to the camera being on a rather tall tripod everyone I saw had huge amounts of background in the picture rather than the majority of it being the people. Later we went to the GOT talk in the other building. They took a little too long to start getting people in there but when they began doing so we got in there swiftly. The sound could have been better (which it seems they corrected for the Sunday) but all the guests were fantastic. After this we had absolutely no problem getting back into the main building. In the evening we went to the GOT screening and commentary. Again, they took too long to start moving people inside but once they began we were in quickly, but there were not enough seats in the designated rows! The crew were very helpful in getting that sorted however. As others have mentioned, the surprise guest was an issue. I was not disappointed with the evening, I really enjoyed having Finn, Kristian and Daniel doing the commentary and I thought the host was great, but don't say that there will be a surprise guest if there isn't going to be. Even if there was someone and they unfortunately cancelled, just explain that that is the case! Do not tell people it's a pinata, that makes people p****d. All in all, brilliant day. Sunday We arrived at about 9:15am, found the end of the queue at 9:25am, was in the building at 9:40am. Can not make a single complaint. A lot cooler in the building which was muchly appreciated, and as always with a Sunday, a little quieter. Busy around the stalls again but lots of space further towards the back of the hall. Again, we had no problems with queues for autos or photoshoots with all of them going down swiftly. Milo Ventimiglia, Gethin Anthony, Finn Jones and Kristian Nairn were all fantastic. So approachable, really chatty and friendly, more than happy to take pictures at tables (some of the guests over the weekend were offering the photo themselves which was really nice as I do not tend to ask for them). The GOT talk on Sunday was brilliant. As mentioned previously the sound was much better and the selection of guests were great. As I'm sure people will have mentioned somewhere already, Lena Headey and Kate Dickie, who were announced to attend when the tickets had been sold, never arrived. I can understand that there will have been a reason as to why they couldn't attend, but as mentioned with the commentary, tell people! Things like that shouldn't be ignored. Just explain the situation so that we know. I don't think that's asking too much. The bonus of the day was going to the FREE LOTR talk which included Philip Grieve and David Wenham. Thank you, thank you, thank you Showmasters. I couldn't have asked for more than that. Was the whole weekend ran perfectly? No. But in all honesty, not a single aspect put a downer on my weekend. I would do it all over again in a heartbeat. Thank you Jason and crew.
  6. Dayum. Bad couple of days. Cancellations always expected but yeah, damn
  7. Absolutely gutted. He was my number 1 guest!! Really hope he can attend in future. ❤️ Prince Oberyn ❤️
  8. Oh I'm going to be so so poor. Thank you again Showmasters! Loving all this GoT gold
  9. YES!! Was gutted when we couldn't attend this last year. Tickets booked!!
  10. Ooooooo, I'm so excited for this!! Such an amazing announcement. THANK YOU!!
  11. Oh I vote for this! I've heard he's such a lovely guy. Would be a wonderful addition to any convention!
  12. Along with many others on here; Game of Thrones - awesome annoucement with Natalie Dormer. Really excited about that - basically anyone from this show! Though I'd love to meet The Hound Walking Dead - again, basically anyone. Meeting Norman again would be fantastic, though I wouldn't be dosappointed with any of the cast Merlin - constantly missing these guys due to attending the wrong day, so Tom Hopper and Eion Macken would be great! The Musketeers - I'm in love with this show. Again, any would be amazing, but the main cast of this are at the top of my list at the moment. • Tom Burke • Santiago Cabrera (also a crossover with Merlin) • Howard Charles • Luke Pasqualino LOTR/Hobbit - DWARFS!! Many, many dwarfs!! I've been dying to meet Aidan Turner for years - Orlando Bloom is a total dream guest, I won't get my hopes up for that! Thank you in advance Showmasters. I know you won't disappoint!!
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