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  1. Does he have 3 photoshoots, or 5? (One a day, maybe 2 repeats in afternoon)?
  2. I'm amazed at the number of people who complain about a ticket for those who can pay more, surely this is the description of Gold Passes? I watched the gold pass people this year, and thought to myself "they must be meeting a lot of people", rather than thinking of them as elitist snobs. I quite like the idea of a "mini-gold" ticket, say an extra £5 to guarantee early entry for the biggest guest. I find the Earlybird tickets are not as useful as they have previously been, the rest of the flock seemed to have buy them, too. I don't have a problem with the guest handing me a photograph they have pre-signed, either. I don't have a problem with people having a quick word with the guest, but I was at a convention recently when the guest was deep in conversation, and after 10 minutes, myself and other members of their queue left in disgust.
  3. I've heard that one of the dealers from the weekend had a poster signed at DSTL by the Five Captains, and had it for sale at £600.
  4. Or it could be Optimus Prime. Not the real one. But you knew that already.
  5. Although I enjoyed seeing the items (scripts, costumes, etc), they quickly went far beyond what I could afford. I do miss the old style auction, of lesser value items. Perhaps there could be a Showmasters stall, as there was at a previous convention (MK, I think), if the dealers don't object.
  6. I've checked my invoice for the tickets sent by showmasters, it DOES have a charge for £25 for a Ray Park ticket.
  7. While at Collectormania, my wife and myself met 2 ladies who run a clothing stall with lots of Steampunk clothing for ladies, amongst other things. They said they would be at LFCC.
  8. As we have more accommodation this year, are we having talks?
  9. I take it that residents in the hotel will have to leave and queue up outside as previously done for big guests?
  10. If you have a ticket numbered 5 and a ticket numbered 350, go to the lower one first.
  11. The fan wanted a part on "Fresh Hell" , his web series
  12. Could someone please enlighten me as to the taste of Blood Wine? I'm sure everyone had at least one thing they were unhappy with. It's human nature. If I counted all these gripes, they would be in their thousands, it's an impressive number, but it doesn't mean it was a bad show, just that we all want different things (and I am aware that some people did have problems) I'm not living in cloud cuckoo land, I have gripes too (we had paid for both parties, but had to miss the first and leave just as the other got started, because Excel policy only lends out wheelchairs until 9pm) but as the t-shirt says "Shatner Happens"....or something like that. I'm sure that the organisers would love constructive ideas, and would welcome you as volunteers for the next Convention. If you have seen something that could be done better, then YOU are probably the one to do it. When you were stood in a queue, and someone (who obviously hadn't been to a convention before) was having trouble, did you just think "job for staff" or did you help? (Which would give more time for volunteers to work on YOUR questions) When they shouted out the numbers, did you relay them to people stood further away? (Part of the crush at queue entrances was people straining to hear what was said). I noticed there have been complaints about the lack of indicators, but no congratulations (until now) for the guy on photoshoot C who made his own number board up. Who else, apart from Timelord ,was really pleased with the new printing system, no longer having to wait for two hours, having prints pawed at by onlookers, or having to get them sent on? Am I the only one? Instantly being able to have a re-shoot if you blinked? Exceptional! I made sure that when I got good service, I thanked the person who gave it. Part of the problem is the attitude of us attendees, "I've paid for my day ticket to get in, so I'll sit in this Platinum talk seat and not move" or "I'll block the walkway to take photos of these celebs...and I don't have to pay!" or "They're forcing me to pay £29 for a Communicator pin, so I'll moan about it." I got a lot more satisfaction out of helping some people rather than complaining to people (and some great conversations, too)!
  13. So what is this thing you Earthmen call "Star Trek"? Ha ha just joking. All packed up and ready to go....too excited to sleep! Have a great time everyone!
  14. Wear a Star Wars desert costume, buy a tribble, and appear as Cyrano Jones
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