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  1. ...Likewise XD And Mark was there the Sunday night apparently. There are photos that prove it, I've been told he was in the main bar/loungey bit most of the time. Dunno until when. Yeah we saw him there, him and Chad were great that night!
  2. I wanted to be on both lol! Have always loved Rob but Mark was so awesome that weekend
  3. The whole weekend was amazing! Let's start with the organisers and crew...all so friendly and fun too, they did a great job and thanks to them it went without a hitch. Great organisation skills! I met some great attendees at the con, who i hope to see at future cons! Everyone was just really friendly and i know they enjoyed it as much as i did. The guests...were awesome! Rob completely lived up to my expectations and was just so lovely to us and up for a laugh. I saw Mark a lot over the weekend and couldn't love him more, such an amazing guy...and he gave me a kiss at checkout so now i have a huge older man crush! Chad and Sam were the comedy duo i expected and it was great to see Chad out at the final party when everyone else had gone home Overall, i have nothing to complain about, it was fantastic and i loved the whole experience. Thanks Showmasters!
  4. It's tomorrow!!! I'm going to pack after work, so so so excited!
  5. Haha...ok i've changed my mind! I told you to stop using Rob as a weapon! lol. YAAAAAAY so excited!
  6. I love quizzes! That's awesome. It'll be so much fun
  7. want it but not sure I can afford it...
  8. Yay 2 days! I've got my supernatural playlist on my ipod playing now!
  9. I'm just gonna go with the 10x8s, that's what they were designed for!
  10. I've been to big hotels in city's like Vegas and NYC and they have always accepted a debit card on arrival so don't know why the Hilton should be snotty and only want a credit card. It's a debit card or nothing!
  11. Aww, you have to wear them. I originally thought about going as an angel just so i would have an excuse to get wings - have always thought they were cool. Definitely gonna wear them. At least i won't have to look at them lol
  12. I'm gonna take a couple of pairs of jeans and probably every top I own! I wanna be comfy as well but yeah deffo thinking bout what I'll look like in photos. In my case I'm taking some vodka, coke, bottles of water and breakfast snacks in case I don't have time to eat...all the essentials!
  13. JERK! I want to pack too but haven't decided on my daytime outfits yet! I better get a move on lol.
  14. I've bought huge black angel wings but i'm too terrified to put them on! The feathers are scary lol.
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