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  1. Oh well, I was going to buy a Megan Fox shot tonite. I was just going to look at the schedule, to see if it there was any clashes etc. At least I don't to worry about it now.
  2. How do we know that it isn't Alan Tudyk. Because it could be related to this picture: https://images.indiegogo.com/file_attachments/1282288/files/20150309181211-Con_Man_Poster-new.jpg?1425949931
  3. I also helped to fund it too. Donated a number of times to get some of the different perks. And Mehetabel the videos are working for me. I haven't even had a chance to watch the trailer for it. I need to. LOL
  4. I do like E Tickets and they are a lot more easier to use. I know in the past, I would buy photo tickets as and when there were ones that I wanted. So it meant that the night before the event I would have to look for all my tickets and make sure that I had them. With the e tickets, they were all in my eventbrite app and I Downloaded them to my phone incase I didn't have a signal to access the internet. cap
  5. I do have a disability (actually 2), one is visible or more better audible. Of which is a speech disability that affects my speech and I have had it all of my life. My other one of which is a hidden one, is that I have tinnitus 24X7. Due to the noise level at LFFC, it actually cuts the sound of the ringing out. But it does have a knock on effect, when I leave the noisy area like LFFC the ringing is back a lot more loudly then it was before and it can take hours or days for it to get back to a reasonable level. I do attend these events because I enjoy them, getting pictures with stars etc. Could I use something like my tinnitus to get to the front of the queue and get out of it faster. I could try, but I never do due to my own decision to attend these. Even though I know what the outcome will be. I have crewed these events in the past, along with attending them as a attendee and I have seen a lot of people in wheelchairs or people with limited movement etc. Prefer to go in near the front of the stuff like photos, because they want to have a picture with the guest without them being in the wheelchair. There walking speed might be slow, so it makes sense for them to go in first get out of the wheel chair, get into position with the guest and have there picture taken before going back to there wheelchair. If we had them in the queue, the amount of starting and stopping within the photos would course it to go on a lot longer then it does now. It would also mean that a less people can go through it I do think that respect so go both ways, due to the noise levels and how busy the events are now. We cannot see what is going on around you or even see if there is a wheelchair behind you trying to get pass. There is limited amount of space, and once people notice that you are there. They do usually move to the best of there abilities and even let others know in front of them. That a wheelchair person is coming through. cap
  6. Do you know the names of these shows? They sound interesting Alan Tudyk and Nathan Fillion web series is called Con Man. It is set in a fiction world where Alan Tudyk is on the con circuit following the cancellation of a sci fi show called Spectrum. He is the pilot in the show, and Nathan Fillion was the Caption of the spaceship on the show. Nathan's character want on to become a A lister in Hollywood. You follow the up and downs of the con scene and they even set up there own conventions in the US for the filiming. The web series is 12 episodes lasting about 10 minutes each one. It was funded through crowdfunding and they originally wanted to do 3 episodes but they got enough money. For the complete season 1, including the last 3 episodes included the Spectrum spaceship. A Con Man computer app game is being developed. So you run your own convention on your phone/tablet and see how successful it will be. They are doing a DVD of season 1 to name some of the things that is happening surrounding the web series. Unfortunately only people who have donated money will get exclusive access to each episode before non funders does. For latest information go to the official facebook/twitter account : https://www.facebook.com/conmanseries https://twitter.com/conmanseries cap
  7. Can you please put on the maps a sticky saying you are here. It would help greatly to work out where about you are in the event and able to get a rough direction on where you need to go. IT would also help to have a list of which floors each guest is signing on with the maps. Have them grouped like Level 1 guests, level 2 guests and so on. With the number of stair cases that were in use at the event. It would have made more sense to them only have up or down directions in operation. You might need to man the entrances to make sure that a people isn't attempting to go in the wrong direction. cap
  8. For there to be a third, (second one in the UK/Europe after the US one) Sherlock event. I would say they would want to get either Ben or Martin interested in doing it. Because they would be the only two people who would draw the crowds to it. Hopefully get the dates sorted out before announcing it. But maybe before doing that, they are planning to have a meeting with Hartswood films to dissect the first Sherlock event, and discuss the possibility of running another one and how it could be improved in the future. I know that for a lot of us, if SM/ME cannot get Ben or Martin. The likes of Rupert, Andrew, Louise would draw a lot of us who attended Sherlock, and hopefully they could consider running a smaller event within a hotel. Which would be more inmate setting in my view and experience. cap
  9. Thanks for QS for letting us know, and for you to clearing up what happened. cap
  10. I know of 3 others who have upgraded and paid the additional e validation after getting the email this evening. Before they saw my message. And at least 4 others who haven't paid this latest e validation request, but have been upgraded too. cap
  11. I know that we don't have to pay another e validation. But I will be really annoyed if I get to the event on Friday to register and get told that my ticket is not valid. cap
  12. I know of at least one person who have paid the e validation that they have just received. Hopefully they and any others will get a refund ASAP and not after the event.
  13. When I clicked on my link, it took me to the payment screen and it was valid and I could pay for it, if I wanted to. That why I thought I should post it on here.
  14. I am not paying mine until it's been confirmed if I need to or not. But I know another upgrader who have just received this email too. So it might course a lot of problems or people just paying thinking that they owe it when they don't.
  15. Hello I have just received an email saying that I owe an E Validation because I didn't click on when I purchased one of my tickets. Looking at all my orders I E Validation have been included and paid for. Could I have received this email because I upgraded tickets? cap
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