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  1. Wow, great photos everyone, thanks for posting.
  2. Can I just say WOW!. Very excited. I like that its in October as well.
  3. Really great photos people, thanks for posting!
  4. I decided after my experience this time at CM17 that I don't want to pay for any more Autos without a personalisation. From my point of view, its too big a part of the experience and I would rather pay more so that the guest is less busy or just not get their auto. I guess its also a good reflection on how long you are likely to get with the guest.
  5. Really great photos everyone!
  6. Had a great day today. As always the crew and fans were lovely. There were some great outfits. I saw the cutest father and daughter dressed as Klingons. I got some great stuff including earnings shaped like swords which were only £2.95! I was in the queue for David Blue When the Wookie came in too, it was really funny. I have to say David Blue was one of the friendliest guests I've ever met, actually went out of his way to make conversation. Antony Heads was doing a brilliant job as well, charming and friendly. I was also impressed by how warm and genuine Gates Mcfadden came across, what a star! I have two moans, firstly I was gutted to miss out on Keegan Delancie. Please Please try to get him back next year! Also I don't like "No personalisations" for guests no matter how busy they are, it makes me reluctant to queue and pay for their auto.
  7. OH NO! I can only make it on Sunday. I'm working on Saturday These two were the main reason I was coming down. Not sure I can be bothered now.
  8. Cool. Another one to add to the list. Thanks SM
  9. Really great guest, can't wait! Ok, I wasn't going to bother with Milton Keynes this year. Now I will have to.
  10. Phew! That's good to hear. Do we know when it gonna be back on?
  11. OOOooh that looks brilliant. Loved the first half. Can't believe its gonna be on sy fy, though cos I don't get it anymore.
  12. Hey nice photos everyone! Thanks for putting them up.
  13. Neve McIntosh Ah, I thought the family resemblance was really believable! Yep She was great.
  14. We stayed at the Premier Inn at Furzton Lake and it was lovely for £28 a night I thought it was a bargain I was surprised by how nice the food was in the pub. The staff were so nice, it actually freaked us out a bit. Only a few minutes drive away but obviously not as convenient as the Doubletree.
  15. Good review. And can I add my name to the list requesting the October MK Collectormania be replaced with another location, even if its a smaller event??? Any where between MK and Glasgow and I will be there.
  16. I know I've said this before, but I really really missed the talks. Please please please can there be talks at the next Collectormania????
  17. She was so good at being evil in BSG, I'm still a little bit scared of her. I would have loved to see a talk by her.
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