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  1. Wow, great photos everyone, thanks for posting.
  2. Can I just say WOW!. Very excited. I like that its in October as well.
  3. Really great photos people, thanks for posting!
  4. I decided after my experience this time at CM17 that I don't want to pay for any more Autos without a personalisation. From my point of view, its too big a part of the experience and I would rather pay more so that the guest is less busy or just not get their auto. I guess its also a good reflection on how long you are likely to get with the guest.
  5. Really great photos everyone!
  6. Had a great day today. As always the crew and fans were lovely. There were some great outfits. I saw the cutest father and daughter dressed as Klingons. I got some great stuff including earnings shaped like swords which were only £2.95! I was in the queue for David Blue When the Wookie came in too, it was really funny. I have to say David Blue was one of the friendliest guests I've ever met, actually went out of his way to make conversation. Antony Heads was doing a brilliant job as well, charming and friendly. I was also impressed by how warm and genuine Gates Mcfadden came across, what a star! I have two moans, firstly I was gutted to miss out on Keegan Delancie. Please Please try to get him back next year! Also I don't like "No personalisations" for guests no matter how busy they are, it makes me reluctant to queue and pay for their auto.
  7. OH NO! I can only make it on Sunday. I'm working on Saturday These two were the main reason I was coming down. Not sure I can be bothered now.
  8. Cool. Another one to add to the list. Thanks SM
  9. Really great guest, can't wait! Ok, I wasn't going to bother with Milton Keynes this year. Now I will have to.
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