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  1. This was the first event I paid for entirely myself which I am pleased about, x2 early bird tickets, 1 Stan Lee photo, 1 John Hurt photo, 1 Game of Thrones talk, that was before going so £125, and only £15 at the event itself so £140 in total. I saved money on not needing food or transport, helps when it's a family day out!
  2. Managed to get in 2 mins to spare, got close to the front on the left hand side too, I could hear most things but some things were quiet. Won the raffle, by luck, to meet Mark Gatiss, who was wonderful and I think appreciated me mentioning some of his other work, Being Human, besides Sherlock. There also wasn't as many people as I thought there was going to be, I thought it was going to be packed but it wasn't.
  3. Just booked a photo for my brother, hopefully he won't find out about this as it's an extra special birthday present/surprise!
  4. This is amazing. I was going to meet Lena anyway. I don't care if I have to get up at 6am I will be there!!
  5. My brother was really happy to have got the chance to meet Matt today, he figured it out 2 days after he (Matt) was announced so my little birthday surprise went out the window but he still loved it all the same. I saw Matt walk passed and he seemed like he was enjoying himself so I hope he had a good time. I'd also like to say a thank you to the crew who where organising the shoot today as we had the morning shoot booked but arrived late so went back for the afternoon one and as my we had low ticket number he was right in the first few people, my mum didn't want my brother to get squashed amongst the crowd as he's a tiny thing, everything went smoothly, from the picture we have, Matt happily posed back to back with my brother so it made it a cool photo. Thank you SM for giving my brother a chance to meet one of his favourite TV characters.
  6. Gutted. I'd been waiting 2 years to meet him. Hopefully he can come to LFCC or CM next year.
  7. Ok, thanks for letting me know Yvie!
  8. My brother is going to be so happy! Last year he got David Tennant this year Matt Smith!
  9. My friend booked 4 tickets for her, me, a friend and her brother, and she's gone on holiday this week. Is there anyway I can find out our numbers? As she doesn't get back till 2 days before the con starts.
  10. Yay!! So happy. I can get a better pic this time!!
  11. I only got one photo, but it was worth it. Thomas Dekker was so nice and polite. When can we have him back?!
  12. I'm in the same boat, I'm also getting the underground from Waterloo to the event. I've done the underground before but never by myself so I'm freaking out a little. I have the underground app for my phone so I don't get lost!
  13. No!!! I was so looking forward to meeting Chris and Thomas. I hope he goes to another event soon!
  14. Gutted. Hopefully I'll be able to meet him in July!
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