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  1. Ditto. I remember I found out about the conventions the weekend of the first and was gutted! Been to my fair few now and would very much like to agree that you guys are awesome and staying at the hilton for these cons are some of my fondest memories. So thank you! X
  2. I think that I'm in 'F' as well :) x
  3. We're all in this together.... Wait. Who said that? It couldn't have been me. Oh well. It's on the list now.
  4. They have been pretty awesome.
  5. Just reading through the old convention forums, et4 had 490 topics! Thought that I would start another here. Best convention memory?
  6. Yeah, I bought my ticket at et7 too, but it makes it seem so much closer!
  7. Reg letter just feel through the door!
  8. All three of the cons I've been to before have had the volturi ball theme - I am thrilled it's prom!
  9. Yep! I will be brimnging mine with me! When do you want me to give them to you? :) x
  10. I know! I can't wait to see you all! I wonder what the cool party things are... I won't see you all until Saturday though
  11. So... What do you think of the whole situation? :)
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