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  1. Y'no sarcasm really doesn't suit you david I'm simply suggesting an option. Whats the harm in that? Ta, Che-Snake
  2. Here's another idea! Why don't you announce the guest so we know who it is, seeing as they're confirmed, but not yet release whatever it is you're adding? Add that whenever it's available! As the guest could take days to respond, and any promotion of the guest being here (even if their specific photos aren't up) will surely encourage more people to plan to come earlier. Ta, Che-Snake
  3. I also think, seeing as Jason loves to tease and the guest is signed up, he should give us some clues or even eliminations! Ta, Che-Snake
  4. I think Andrew Lincoln would be amazing! He did a con in the USA a few months back and all his proceeds went to charity! Ta, Che-Snake :)
  5. And I! - said Che-Snake, and was beautiful Ta, Che-Snake :)
  6. Thanks for all the feedback guys! Lastly how often does he come over? I get he's not a regular, but he's a repeat guest so I'm just wondering :) Ta, Che-Snake :)
  7. I second this, and they're dying to get to the UK to do some cons! Perfect opportunity to make everyone a winner! Ta, Che-Snake :)
  8. Just wanted to know who here has met Mr Williams and what he's like :) Ta, Che-Snake :)
  9. Awesome stuff! :) Great to meet another WD guest! :) any chance of Vincent Ward to keep Lew company? Ta, Che-Snake :)
  10. I look for signings in and around London :) never know who's around! Ta, Che-Snake :)
  11. Maybe it's me? those Nickelodeon adverts were the time of my life! Ta, Che-Snake :)
  12. Temeura Morrison and Ray Park (seeing as he had to cancel for the Sunday bleugh!) Ta, Che-Snake :)
  13. Just out of interest, why did it say he was called into filming on his stand? :S Ta, Che-Snake :)
  14. Although it's not really relevant, when me and my partner met the lovely Camilla Luddington at a neighbouring con, after signing our pictures she asked if we wanted a photo, but the con operative next to her said 'we're not doing photos', to which she, and we were both disappointed. As we turned to leave she called us back, sat on the table and had a photo with us both! :) Just a nice little sorry about how nice some guests are :) Ta, Che-Snake :)
  15. Hello admins, just a quickie. I was thinking of posting this into the guest suggestion, but it's more of a reference than a suggestion... I have two Walking Dead related guests who are willing and wanting to attend this, or a future con. One has played several walkers in the TV series, including some significant ones, and the other is a voice actor of one of the main characters from the critically acclaimed Walking Dead game (which now has over 80 Game of the Year awards and a 95% Metacritic Review Score), as well as providing various voices for Hitman: Absolution, the reboot of Tomb Raide
  16. I know daddy Che-Snake is going to be very pleased Ta, Che-Snake :)
  17. The way I see it, he's suggesting he'll be here in October, he'll get a big fan base attending the con, it's a no-brainer! Say no more Ta, Che-Snake :)
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