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    Ahh yes I won't be attending either, I'm mostly into the James Bond thing can't justify the travel for one guest who may cancel, really not interested in those minor roles. Like 3rd cocktail waitress on the left etc It's a shame was so good I remember having dinner with guy Hamilton and Joe Robinson. Movie gold! Hope they can pull it round or I fear for the shows future
  2. Really ? Bit contemptous that is don't you think
  3. People are raving mad, upset and disappointed. Loads of customers not returning SM is strangely silent (except for the inflammatory fiction drama post) Come SM before you have no customers left. Let's have a statement, and please not the usual we are wonderful we will listen nonsense, I really think it won't wash this time
  4. Agreed and all this, and no comment from SM Me and my cash staying at home tomorrow
  5. Hmm I got £500 quid here to spend tomorrow think I will give it a miss. Sounds to much like the Olympia. Debacle of a few years ago So much for showmasters having it all under control Even yesterday at pre event signing not one crew member on que just 2 at the door Shambles and all this and no post or tweet from showmasters awful really
  6. This does not surprise me after the Olympia free for all a few years back If it's a state tomorrow I won't be going to another one How difficult is it to say que here you early birds que here you golds Every time there is chaos and never any staff despite being told how fantastic they are and how well organised they are. Clearly they are not.
  7. We all thought the sameThat's good then thought it was me. Made me worry for him
  8. Well I have a bag there's plenty that don't although I don't really wanna get soaked
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