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  1. Just had an email refunding my money was looking forward to meeting her
  2. Scarlett Pomers (Naomi Wildman), Roxanne Dawson, Colm Meaney,Ethan Phillips,Michelle Forbes,Rosalid Chao and Denise Crosby,Patti Yasutake
  3. I am in agreedment with you Blacknights I also asked for a Star Trek pack and got a mixed pack with 2 star treks in The other 8 I did not have a clue who they were!!!!!!!
  4. I thought he was brill always willing to talk to you and so friendly :clap:
  5. I liked meeting Craig Parker and Jewel Staite very friendly
  6. This the first time as a gold pass holder and I was really annoyed that the gold pass chill room was nothing more than a empty room with tables no chairs!! and it was not even marked up for people,
  7. Today I met Nichelle Nichols what a awesome woman so friendly.Suzi Plakson another lovely person and what a smile,Olivia D'Abo who did not have a second thought about having a photo taken with her fans. Well done Showmasters
  8. Hannah Spearitt NO.9 Nichelle Nichols NO10
  9. Went on the Sunday,to meet Gates,Levar, Nicole and Chase they were all happy to have a chat with you and Chase also asked where I had travel from and when I said Swindon she said she knew someone living there.
  10. I also would like to thank all the crew for being so helpful ,I was a bit late going to the Nicole De Boer photo shoot and when I arrived she had just left but a member of the crew went to look for her and she came back for the photoshoot also thank you for a great line up and I look forward to next year that falls on my birthday.
  11. I would love to meet Chase Masterson,Nana Visitor,Catherine Hicks and Donna Murphy :D
  12. I would be in favour for an C.S.I Convention bring on the csi girls :D
  13. I am looking forward to this years event Gates McFadden as a guest as well wot else could I ask for.!!!!!!
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