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  1. OMMMMGGGG! I LOVE VAMPIRE ACADEMY. This is amazing. Thank you so much showmasters! Though I already have all the books, so do I have to pay for another book just to get mine signed eventho Im a big fan and have actually read the books, unlike the people who will be buying them for the first time. Seems a little unfair
  2. power of wishful thinking...ERRRIIICCCCCCC Please :)
  3. ALEXANDER SKARSGARD pleassseeee instant gold ticket would be bought at his announcement
  4. ok so i would really like alex announced now i love him more than life PLEASSSSEE :)
  5. Yeah I think we need new ones each time I love the idea of a newborn party and maybe Bella's birthday party, with like a giant cake like hers or a campout like with a fake fire like when the legends are told or a nomads party, kinda like newborn but people could dress like those described in breaking dawn, just some ideas
  6. Personally I think the live music should have been on the first night, not at a masked ball! Plus the band were pretty average (sorry :s), I liked the idea but the group I was with, eventhough we loved the music they were playing, didnt like the band either. Plus I heard people moaning at the bar that they hadnt finished yet :S 100 monkeys yes yes yes!
  7. Id rather we had a more main character because I am a major True Blood book fan, and for me personally I think her character was overplayed/used in season 2 too much. Though her acting was amazing and Im sure she would still be an awesome guest.
  8. ALEX ALEX ALEX I wouldnt care who else was there at all I would buy an instant gold ticket And spend an insane amount of money on everything at the event Worry about the uni loan later...
  9. last time we went into sollihul and brum for food and one day ordered out to dominos to deliver to the hilton as a pizza there was £16, slightly insane.
  10. hey, also staying at the hilton but i have my car so will drive most of them time, but maybe on time back from the nights or something as someone in park inn is acting as a choffeur (sp?!?) for us to come get us so we can drink ahaha
  11. I MAY HAVE JUST HAD A SMALL FIT i saw alexander skarsgard on the name of this topic near the pinned bit as i was scrolling so fast and i was like omg announced, im ordering this now but no... PLEASSSSSSSSSSSSEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE ALEX IS A GOD
  12. nah it was none of u who replied so far,i think i recognised u rhi tho, ur cake was delish!
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