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  1. Exactermerly - have just twittered this ...Want to know ASAP the party themes x
  2. I can imagine it does take a huge toll, the whole weekend of doing th con after flyinging over from LA or anywhere in the States and then having to adjust to our time zone and be the life and soul of the party for all of us attendees. I know when I venture further afield than Europe it's a massive adjustment to the new time zone - even when you are relaxing on your hols :) I went to Toronto with work for 5 days last year and I was wiped out from it. Anyway.... I digress... Being Human Con - pretty please :) xx xx
  3. Hiya I was not planning to attend this event, but I am really loving Being Human and would love to see an event, even if it's not a full 3 day con - I would definitely attend a smaller event like the Twilight Prom as a Being Human event, perhaps this is something you could look at doing, less actors and 2 days 1 night? I am not sure how commerically viable this is for you but it's just an idea and would be great if we could get to meet the BH cast outside of signing events like CM or LFCC :) My Husband is really into BH as well, so this is definitely something we could do together.
  4. How about coloured lanyards for Gold and Silver and everyone else has the metal beads? They would be instantly recognisable. You could maybe do somethings less in the gold packs, or cheaper. There was a lot in there that I personally won't use - buttons, coaster etc. I think ET1 there were lanyards for Gold as opposed to the metal beaded necklaces. Also how about a recycling scheme for the metal beaded necklaces? I have 4 from the ET's and Prom's - maybe a box on reg desk for people to return them if they are unwanted at the end of the con? Just an idea :)
  5. Well quite a few people could slip the bands off and on anyway and if standards were slipping into silver seats - then the wristbands still haven't sorted the problem. As David said - this sort of thing needs to be raised at the event and only by people saying something can the crew get involved and resolve it. I just wish that people had more courtesy and respect for each other. I wonder if this is a similar problem at other ME events?
  6. 2 suggestions for the next one or ET6, have said them in other posts but as this is the suggestion thread: 1) Alice and Bella slumber party - it's nice to dress up 1 night but would be really cool to dress down for a change and be in the ultimate comfort wear of PJ's! 2) A Meadow Room like at ET1 where newbies and people on their own can make friend's with each other. As seen in another post those going it alone felt a little intimidated by the sheer number of people there. :)
  7. I think just be tough on those swapping passes is the answer. If you are breaking the rules, they should be kicked out of the convention altogether.
  8. I had problems with my room keys over the weekend... Extremely annoying to get the room for it to not work! However can we say IDIOT all together - my clutch purse where I was keeping them had magnets in it! Doh!!!!! Regarding bar prices - I think they only serve doubles which is why the price is so high. I got some Cherry Bomb's (redbull and cherry brandy) in the lounge bar and those were about £9.00 x
  9. That's just it Talie, you see that he puts lots of effort into his fan base which you play a big part of. He loves all of the Bewliers and feels comfortable with them. However on occasion he is rude and can get people's backs up. In fact he was exceptionally rude to a friend of mine at another event recently. It is part of his personality and I can understand why he comes across badly sometimes, like I said he is marmite. People can have a difference in opinions, I know lots of people that absolutely love him and a few that don't :)
  10. Oh noes... I have followed you without a problem. Maybe it is having an episode x
  11. This is really sad that your first Con experience was a bad one. I remember at ET1 (seems a lifetime ago now) they had a meadow room where people could go and read/chill out etc. Maybe SM could look at doing the meadow room again for maybe meeting up with people if you are alone or for people who want to make new friend's even if they are in a group. As David said chatting on here and twitter is a good place to start. I am O_Loves on twitter - if you would like to follow :) I think there is a twitter thread on the forum somewhere, so you could pick up some people from there too. Good luck for next time xoxo
  12. I didn't know that happened as missed some of the talks, that is bad and if it was a younger fan - even worse. I think he summed himself up quite well in the final talk, when asked what was his best and worst personality traits he answered - "executively shameless and impatient" - not sure what the good point was unless by executively he means he chooses to be that way and sees it as a good thing. As Kegan said at the weekend - Charlie is marmite you either love him or hate him.
  13. It's nice to dress up one night but would be nice to dress down for a night too - I vote for a Cullen Slumber Party :) Yeah! Dancing in pajama's = win!
  14. I think ME should think about ChewleyCon 2011 I think ME have said that if they get a big guest they would announce it as a surprise anyway, so I guess we all need to come to terms with that. If you are going to a Con - as this one has proved with the bad luck on cancellations - you need to be a fan of the Saga and not just be pinning all of your hopes on meeting one guest.
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