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  1. Thank you both for your answers! I've not been to an event in a few years so thought it better to check than assume (especially as the ticketed free talks I referred to were also first come first served seating wise, hence asking for clarification).
  2. So happy to see Paul Darrow's doing a talk! In the past when I've been to LFCC there have been tickets to collect to get entry into the free talks, is that the same here or is this not a large enough event to need that?
  3. how about the yogscast or some other youtubers for the gaming section?
  4. I thought it was a great idea, and it was run exactly like silent auctions I've been to in the past so the format works. Sadly for me the only thing that caught my eye got too expensive for me. I think this is better than the non-silent auction which can get a bit hectic and hands not seen etc. I hope to see it like this again in the future!
  5. I didn't encounter a bad crew member the whole weekend. I made a point of going to the info desk when I left on Sunday to thank the crew there and let them know I'd had a great time and that everyone had been helpful, and to thank them for their time - I figured far more people would go there to complain about something, and I wanted to pass on thanks for my good experiences. I thought the blonde woman managing the queue in photo area A on Sunday was very good (I didn't catch her name) - I arrived for an Eve Myles photo and the area was running behind, but she kept everyone informed as to what was happening, kept the queue area organised, and continually had a smile and was in a good mood. It could have been so easy in that situation to be grumpy or let the area fall into chaos, but she did a fantastic job at keeping it orderly and the wait happy, not tedious - which of course meant even though things were running late and I was worried about getting to my next shoot, I didn't get disgruntled, and the people around me all seemed in good spirits too even though we had to wait longer than we thought we would. So definitely a massive congrats to her for being so positive and good at what she was doing!
  6. OMG YOU GOT MORRIGAN SHOWMASTERS I LOVE YOU First Eve Myles, now Claudia Black. Two of my favourite Dragon Age characters' voice actors at one show. So much love for you, showmasters.
  7. What's the facebook group? The only ones I can find about LFCC and cosplay are ones about meetups.
  8. I'll be coming as Merrill from Dragon Age 2 as I've been working on it since November, and Eve Myles attending has given me the boost to get it finished!
  9. FANTASTIC! I've met her before and she's so, so lovely. I was planning to wear my Merrill cosplay to LFCC anyway, this has just made that so much better!
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