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  1. Let's begin Torri Higginson Misha Collins Jim Beaver Jewel Staite David Tennant John Barrowman Jensen Ackles Kate Mulgrew Jeri Ryan Sasha Alexander Angie Harmon Amanda Tapping Garwin Sanford John DeLancie Doug Jones Robert Picardo Mitch Pileggi Kavan Smith Matthew Del Negro Craig Parker Dan Payne
  2. I agree we need one woman: Torri all the way!!
  3. All Torri needs is an invite and she's here!! (i'm not hinting at anything) and she said so herself.
  4. Garwin Sanford Torri Higginson Peter Williams Robert Davi Jason Momoa Kate Hewlett Jewel Staite Carmen Argenziano Rainbow Sun Francs Claudia Black Christopher Heyerdahl David Ogden Stiers Just a short list to begin with!
  5. I bet even with this i'll get lost somewhere down the line
  6. I say wear it too....only formal dress i have is my prom one so don't think i'll be wearing that. Got my Teyla outfit for the saturday though can't wait to wear it....Why is one of the hardest things about cons the whole what to wear question?
  7. Question: On the registration letter one name has been misspelt ever so slightly, so when it comes to ID the name will be different. However it isn't spelt incorrectly on the confirmation email. Thoughts?
  8. Woo! What ticket have you gone for?
  9. Robert Davi is in England March 23 for autographia which is held at the same place as this is...He would be a great guest, (he can sing too)
  10. My have said this before but Torri is in the UK at the start of April....so a possibility?!?
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