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  1. malB

    Jay Acovone

    Jannagalaxy try this link https://www.facebook.com/beverly.edwards.7509
  2. malB

    Jay Acovone

    Anyone else seen Jay's wedding photos on facebook?
  3. malB


    I agree there were a few people sticking their cameras up taking photos which was annoying at times. I had a standard ticket and was sat next to the centre aisle taking my photos when someone from behind came up the aisle past me and stood in the aisle taking their photos and blocking mine and other people's view of the stage. I wish people would consider others when trying to get their photos.
  4. I 've got a Maddy instead of Mandy on mine.
  5. Kittynessweir. In the past they have had 4-5 guests, on occassion a couple more, but that was when they ran 2 cons a year. The are now only doing 1 a year but are trying to get more guests for that one con. So instead of two lots of 4 or 5 guests they are trying for one lot of 8 to 10 guests.
  6. same here, 30-40 minute drive depending on the traffic
  7. When O'Neill meets the Asgard in ' The Fifth Race' an eighth chevron is used to add a distance factor to the journey. So there is an Eighth chevron just as they use a nineth in SGU.
  8. malB

    Thank you!

    I second that, a brilliant weekend, well run & organised. Looking forward to Chevron 8.0 in May.
  9. We buy buns for Saturday & Sunday lunch and visit the pub of an evening after the welcome ceremony on friday and the last item on saturday afternoon. It fills up fast as everybody uses it, loals,con goers and crew. The Ham Egg & Chips is lovely.
  10. Mine arrived this morning ST2-ST5
  11. You have to use the phone number on the web site and it is for conference convetion bookings and is only open weekdays 9-5. The prices are correct from the info I got yesterday when I tried to book.
  12. I keep checking the web site everyday, but still nothing, It does'nt help that my wife keeps asking if I have checked for the code. We can but wait.
  13. I checked out on the saturday night to beat the sunday morning rush and the bloke on the desk only charged me £5 for the whole weekend.
  14. A great guest, looking forward to meeting him, can SM pull anything else out of the hat?
  15. It's all out in the open now, Gary Chalk and Patrick Gilmore (SGU) were annouced this afternoon at the auction at 7.7
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