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    The Whedonverse: great video

    oooo love it :)
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    Random Chat..

    I have that on my shoulder, but with just the B in the middle of it! oooh picture?! get one!!! but i'm a wimp!
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    Friday Meet Up..

    May show my face next year. Didn't get to it this time because me and my friend were really disorganised! Attending with my boyfriend next year, so will have to write him a strict timetable, lol.
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    Introduction Thread

    Forum Name - lilbuzz155 Real Name - Alison Age/Location - Will be 25 / Leeds What Ticket have you got/getting? Gold 6 Most wanted guest for Hallowhedon 4?? I know he's already been to 2 of them, but I have to go for Anthony Head. I always bounce around the room like a crazy thing when he's announced! Did you Attend any other Hallowhedon, If so which ones? All of them Hotel? - Radisson Facebook/MySpace etc - Chat Email (MSN, Yahoo, AIM etc) - Favourite Movie? PS I Love You Favourite Other TV Show? Buffy, Angel, Firefly, Dollhouse, Tru Calling, Waterloo Road, Glee Favourite Music? Anything heavy. Particularly Marilyn Manson, Kittie, Disturbed Anything else we need to know? I'M SO EXCITED FOR NEXT YEAR!!! Photo?: As always, I have no idea how to add a picture....I'm putting in the image URL and hoping it works! http://a5.sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-...491136855_n.jpg
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    Party Themes

    Vampires v, werewolves Personally I'd like to see more people embracing the vampire within next year
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    Random Chat..

    you guys are making me want a tattoo!
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    Feedback thread

    Had a fantastic weekend overall. - The hotel was far better than the Thistle. The staff actually seemed to be happy to see us and the breakfast didn't make me ill all weekend this year, which was a plus. Loved the random fish pond outside the photograph room! - Everything ran as smoothly as always. Downsides: -More audience participation would have been good during the quiz - the guests seemed to have the impression that we weren't allowed to join in, but last year we all got involved. -It would be good to have an auction catalogue, so we know what kind of things to expect. I found myself once again failing to bid for items I was interested in just in case something better came up a little later on. Quick question - were we ever told what to do with our wordsearch/crossword sheets? The winners were announced and the group I was with hadn't heard a thing about when or where to hand them in. Maybe we missed the announcement?
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    Registration letters

    will do, thanks :)
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    How things work

    anyone know what time convention registration is this year? it's usually 2pm, but i'm guessing it will be later since the hotel won't let us check in until 3pm.
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    Registration letters

    my friend's last name has been spelt wrong on our letter. hope this won't cause any problems!
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    Registration letters

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    ABC's of Hallowhedon

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    i bid £300 and it went for £302.75 - gutted!!!
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    Strange dreams :P

    Pink llama, I love your mind :)
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    VIP Tickets

    i really wish i'd known about this BEFORE i bought my gold ticket!
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    Latest Guest Announcement - ADAM BUSCH

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    Latest Guest Announcement - AMBER BENSON

    you just brightened my day
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    Latest Guest Announcement - CHARISMA CARPENTER

    ur kidding?! WOOHOO!
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    Buffy reboot - without Joss!

    will probably watch it anyway out of curiosity!
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    Buffy reboot - without Joss!

    i'm looking forward to seeing how it turns out. are they doing a new series, or just a film?
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    Free gifts

    nope, still waiting myself. looking forward to their arrival though!
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    Introduction Thread

    Forum Name - lilbuzz155 Real Name - alison Age/Location - 23, leeds What Ticket have you got/getting? - gold 10 Most wanted guest for Hallowhedon 3?? - joss whedon Hotel? - radisson Facebook/MySpace etc - Chat Email (MSN, Yahoo, AIM etc) - Favourite Movie? - there's so many i can't choose! Favourite Other TV Show? - buffy, angel, dollhouse, firefly, tru calling, glee Favourite Music? - marilyn manson, kittie, my chemical romance, 30 seconds to mars Anything else we need to know? - already ridiculously excited!!! Photo?: i still can't figure out how to add one!