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  1. erin_sumara

    Next weekend con feat. Supernatural Annouced

    Freaking amazing news!! DEFO not missing that one!!! Hope everyone had an awesome weekend
  2. erin_sumara

    Come on people, who is uber excited!?

    I am so gutted I'm going to miss this!! Make sure it's a good one so there can be a Roadhouse 2 hehe Hope ya'll have a blast, hopefully catch the next one!
  3. erin_sumara

    Place Names In The World

  4. erin_sumara

    Female Film & TV Stars Game

    Sam Ferris
  5. erin_sumara

    Change One Letter Game

  6. erin_sumara

    Fictional Characters :D

    Dean Winchester
  7. erin_sumara

    Movie Title Game

  8. erin_sumara

    Elegant Gothic Lolita section

    If the lovely lady from Dragon Dreads is returning paint me a happy bunny
  9. erin_sumara

    RIP Dennis Hopper

    Where was I when this happened?? Gutted much
  10. erin_sumara

    do you want some new guest tonight ?

    *dashes to CML forum* xD
  11. erin_sumara

    Lord Of The Rings

    HUGO WEAVING!! Omg it'd be all kinds of amazing!! He'd be so hasselled allllll day - the words Mr Anderson would lose all meaning xD
  12. erin_sumara

    X-men guests

    Ellen Page and Rebecca Romijn would be my top two. Love to get photos with them, although no way I'd look as good on film as they do xD
  13. erin_sumara

    crew the the most amazing people around

    AHA been waiting for this thread to go up! The crew were amazing as usual but wanted to extend a special thanks to the folks on photo area A - especially the very lovely - but surely stressed - lady who manned the walkie on the Saturday, such a love and looked after my (disabled) mum really well - ok all you guys did but seeing as she looked epically stressed she still took a second to help us out - so thank you!! Have got my mum hooked on Showmasters now and it's a lot to do with how well she was treated. Gold stars all round girls and boys - couldn't be happier with the help we got over the weekend!
  14. erin_sumara

    So What do / Where do people go Saturday Eve

    Just had a nose at that chinese place online and looks quite nice, think we'll be looking out for that - cheers!!