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  1. Pleeease Misa! I'll definetly be looking out for the ever-famous Man Misa On another note.. got the paint for my props! *does happydance* Never felt more like Winry running around random DIY shops! Yeah since we're not at the event you know me more at, I might cosplay as Ciel but if Ciel isn't finished on time, It will definatly be Misa after deciding what costume I can use lol
  2. well, hopefully if I can make it, I'll be cosplaying as Zero from Code Geass complete with helmet^__^ secondly, I'll either be Ciel in the dress he wore in Episode 4 or probobly Misa yet again in a different costume^__^
  3. Heya, we been waiting for an answer to this question for a year now and still know nothing so was wondering if the Manchesters Collectormania event is gonna happen as we shuold know by now.
  4. excelent, I'll be able to make it to C15 on the Friday^__^ I'll be Yami Yugi from Yugioh since Milton Keynes is quite far and wouldn't wanna carry so much on the way lol is the masquerade on Friday aswell? or is it just Saturday and Sunday?
  5. well I guess I won't be able to make it as I am meetiing friends in Manchester on the Saturday so I guess I'll seeya all in either MK or in Manchester^_^
  6. hmmm, I just read the facilities bit and I noticed that there isn't a place to put all yer stuff at, where can we leave out stuff while we are at the event? just to prevent us from walking around with so much weight on our shuolders lol
  7. hmmm seems like Cosplay is a little bit bigger than MK^__^ hopefully I'll be able to make it^_^
  8. considering that it's held in Birmingham International, I might give it another chance, I'll probobly end up going in as Lulouch from Code Geass.
  9. I remember the collectormania midlands show, it was so cramped due to Sportsmania, Manchester G-mex area is a little bit bigger so I guess sportsmania should be right at the back of the hall as last time in Manchester, they had so much space at G-mez they wasn't using attall. I do hope they'll use that empty space or that would be ridiculas.
  10. Very good, are you wearing it in collectormania aswell? in the next collectormania I goto, I'll probobly go in as Straight Jacket Misa or volume 4 manga version of Misa, I'm having difficulty in choosing when I have the reputation of being Man Misa lol
  11. Zidane isn't an anime character? Lol xD Congrats to the winners, Turkfox looks fab! I wasn't Zidane,I was Misa, the dude crossplaying a female character lol
  12. I kinda felt Bad I entered my costume because I was the only anime character in the compotition lol, I only cosplay as Anime characters, I don't cosplay as none anime characters lol
  13. Awwww, what happened to LadyD??? isn't she feeling well??? Well at least we have a compotition^_^
  14. Hello, I know i posted it on the cosplay section but nobody replied and I really need to knpow before I prepear tomorrow for Saturday, is there gonna be any cloakrooms in the midlands collectormania? just that I am gonna cosplay and need a place to put my stuff at but that depends if there is a cloakroom, if there is then I can do Misa otherwise I'll use a smaller cosplay.
  15. Hello, was wondering if there is any cloak Rooms in Collectormania Midlands as I got alot of stuff to carry for my cosplay but don't wanna carry em around everywhere lol, if there isn't then I'll settle for a les complicated cosplay lol
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