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  1. I thought Dan was 6 ft 8 ? Either way he is insanely tall, at proms he was leaning down, i was wearing huge heels and I'm still nowhere near shoulder height on him!
  2. popstar!!


    THANK YOUUUUU!!!!!! As usual the event was amazing, I was totally thrilled with the surprise guests although they weren't much of a shock! It was one of the best so far! Can't wait for ET5 now!!!!!!!!!! <3
  3. popstar!!

    Tomorrow :)

    ACHHHH having a total freak out, my dad just texted me saying 'unable to take you to manchester' (he was going to drive us to the coach) ahchchchcchch no idea what I'm going to do now. Ahhhh
  4. popstar!!

    Errmm.. am i blind? :(

    Ohhh that's actually a really good idea, the neck things got in the way a bit :)
  5. popstar!!

    music for the parties at ET 4

  6. popstar!!

    Party Themes

    Brilliant themes! As usual! Can't wait to see what the room looks like for the Wedding Reception!!! <3 Thank you!
  7. Oops I forgot to email and change my address so mine has gone to my old house :'(
  8. popstar!!

    Help with Hotel Booking Here (with images!)

    Ugh bum thats ummm really annoying :/
  9. popstar!!

    Help with Hotel Booking Here (with images!)

    So are no more rooms going to be added? :/
  10. popstar!!

    We NEED Neil Patrick Harris for a con!

  11. Kristen, Jackson and Jamie <3 If any of these came I think I would die of happiness!! Choosing between Jamie and Ashley was a tough one. And I would love Nikki or Dakota!
  12. popstar!!

    General Rambling

    I'm so confused what did Talie do?!
  13. popstar!!

    Latest Guest Announcement - KIRSTEN PROUT

    Ha I saw this last night but didn't look at her photo, shes in Electra thats awesome!!
  14. popstar!!

    General Rambling

    Hola, wow I haven't been on here in so long! Anyyyyway I'm actually just asking for a favor! I eventered a facebook contest by LightInTheBox.com and you have to post a photo of the dress you most want on the site and whoever's post gets the most 'likes' at the end of the contest wins their dress! So please please could you help by liking my post on this link. Pleaaaase it's for my prom :) Anyway thanks if you do :) I'm guessing some of you know my name but people who don't it's Poppy Johns so thanks :) http://www.facebook.com/pages/Lightinthebo...45226552?v=wall
  15. popstar!!

    The OFFICIAL Eclipse Trailer!

    Let's be honest. That was the best part of the trailer The only part worth paying attention to :') Along with abit of Dakota Fanning! Agreed!!!