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  1. lesleynile

    Pass Pickup Times

    No problem, was just curious...
  2. lesleynile

    Pass Pickup Times

    What's the chance of passes starting before 3pm?
  3. lesleynile

    Lfcc 2018

    Very early I know but when will the dates be announced for next year? :)
  4. lesleynile

    What about Wil Wheaton?

    I wasnt point it at anone, i was just stating in general, sorry :)
  5. lesleynile

    What about Wil Wheaton?

    Tried to find my other post to copy it here but I don't know what thread it was in haha.....anyway.... I have a friend who has spoken to Wil in the past and he apparently gets reactions from most types of perfumes and deodorants and thats why there is a no touching policy. In all honestly that's a good enough reason but not one that should be shouted to everyone at a con. Be grateful he came and you were able to meet him
  6. lesleynile

    Sales Desk Queue Nightmare

    And people already say the WiFi is s***e and the machines run on WiFi. Plus do you think to Sm will buy a hundred card machines haha
  7. Which side of the stairs do you walk on? In the UK, we drive on the left. It is, therefore, logical to walk up, or down, the stairs on the left hand side. This is polite, it leaves little room for that ridiculous dance affected by those who have no concept of logic which leaves them dodging one another on the staircase. Ive always known it as the left, but if there were arrows people would in theory follow them but dont understand why its so hard to figure out anyway!
  8. I take it as diamonds go first no matter what but only for the diamond gusts they have, golds next and then vqs, or just vq for diamond guests as golds need them too. If the particular guest is on to vqs and a diamond attendee walks up for them they get to go ahead as there auto of garunteed.
  9. My friend nearly missed out on Dean at collectomania too as we went up and didn't have a vq, as he wasn't there yet we left, went back an hour later and massive queue and vq tickets. Which was quite high, said something to the crew and thankfully they let us queue straight away.
  10. lesleynile

    Answers to FAQ

    I once managed to park the whole day when lfcc was at Earls Court. Literally across the road lol
  11. A friend of mine who has spoken to Wil in the past says he also has a lot of reactions to perfumes and deodorants and that's why he has a no touching rule. Which to me is fair enough
  12. Id have loved to have met her but i had to cancel my trip last week. Id never ever buy any autograph from ebay, i mean whats the point if you didnt get it yoursef lol
  13. Tbh i wouldnt have expected it to go up but she said she walked past and saw it on the marker board at the front. Ive not been myself :)
  14. Ive been told by a friend that her price for auto went up to £85? is that true and her said £75?
  15. lesleynile

    Lfcc 2018

    Sorry but that's funny
  16. lesleynile

    Lfcc 2018

    Hotel is booked haha
  17. lesleynile

    Lfcc 2018

    Brilliant, I assumed it would be those dates. Thank you :)
  18. I've said twice now they should enter early. Don't gold pass people get to enter any queue that's not diamond without a vq and the only vqs they have to get are diamond. So yes I think they should enter early and if the only vqs they have to get are diamond, as long as they get in early and before ga then yes it's worth 225. I don't think they should get to go to any queue without a vq as the cost would rise significantly. The only way Sm can get guests such as Alyson or Bennedict is buy a diamond pass so yes all should get a vq cos those guests wouldn't be there otherwise.
  19. Ive said that, they need to get in early like stated but if golds didnt need a vq then part way through the day they could decide oooh lets get an auto from ???? and if 100 people did the same over 15 minutes then ga wouldnt get a look in. At least making gold have vq they have to decide and actually make the effort to get in early and get vq's!
  20. But then ga would never get a chance and that isn't fair. Other than diamonds it should a free for all, if you get a vq then you get one. Some people can't afford gold tickets so that isn't fair at all. Saying that they should get in earlier like it says.
  21. Couldn't the way photos, diamonds and gold passes be changed in the future so a person cannot buy one without an entry ticket. It wouldn't be hard to make it so there is an order number from an entry pass to be inputted when you buy a photo.
  22. Queue the idiots who bought photos and no entry haha. A few have popped up on Facebook already.
  23. lesleynile

    Refund time?

    If it helps Marc Blucas cancelled on the 20th and I got my money in my account on the 24th, yesterday. I got my refund email the on the 21st. So cancelled Thursday and money in bank Tuesday which I think is pretty good. Not saying that will be the same here as your bank might be different.
  24. lesleynile

    Guest Cancellation - Marc Blucas

    Had my showmasters email for refund this morning. That's nice and quick. Cheers.