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  1. Nice visual though right? Damn Right. =P I thoroughly enjoyed watching that scene, I was like "Dammit, kiss already!" xD
  2. Yeah, Michelle is lovely, cuz I met her at CM:MK too. If Michelle is at Bitten Two, I can actually get her autograph this time. xD
  3. And you are not playing it without me and Melis. Now that will be fun.
  4. For that there's definitely gotta be a Merlotte's party. xD Me though...... ooohhh, tricky. To cosplay or not to cosplay? And if so, who do I go as?
  5. Tammeh!! =D Finally you join us in the dark side..... here, have two cookies; one for you, one for Travi.
  6. I voted Russell, Franklin and Sophie-Anne. =D Trust me to tick all the vampires. xD
  7. I voted Jess, Rene and Godric. xD Then after I voted I saw Lafayette as a choice and was like "DAMN!!" but he's in the same category as Jess and I'd like both so. "/
  8. I have a strong feeling that one of the parties will be the Maenad Wedding where all the women will wear white maxis and the guys wear togas. xD Another Fangtasia party would be lovely too. And maybe Tara's Birthday Party....? I think?
  9. Now I'm no stranger to spoilers as I follow a few TB-dedicated blogs on Tumblr and I saw a couple of gifs of the Bill/Lorena "love" scene and the people were more concerned as to when Bill unzipped his trousers before humping her to death, rather than the fact that he twists her head round like only an owl can. O.O I follow some strange people. I'm up to Episode 8 so far.
  10. Aww man don't make me resize em... they're kinda big. Here goes, in chronological order of pappage:
  11. Well me personally, it was my first ever full-blown-away-from-home-to-some-peace-and-quiet convention so it was all new-ish to me but I thoroughly enjoyed it. The only problems I had were all personal and even then they're not really relevant so I'm in no place to complain. (But I did have a rant about it to Ros while queueing up for pictures so I'm OK. xD) Once again, I thoroughly enjoyed the convention. Friday night, I cringed at the party games. The last one, I knew what they had to do before Cute Mr DJ announced it because my mind is in the gutter like that. xD But it was still fun/cringey to watch. Saturday night I was right in my element there with the music (at the beginning) and the Gothness. The only night I really Gothed myself up to be fair. If it were up to me, I'd have Gothed myself up for Friday night too, but I'd have looked SO out of place. xD Oh, and also, I need to break Shyness Barrier #2: Ask questions at the talks. Hopefully for Bitten 2, I'd like Carrie and Deborah to be announced so I can ask them the questions I wanted to ask Mr Jim and Mr Todd but was too scared to. And don't get me started on my Post-Con Blues. xD But yeah, all in all, an epic con. Much more relaxed than a Twilight con from my small experience in Brum last September... and from what I've heard from Sarey. Much Loves Coney <3 xxxx
  12. Name: Sophie (I'm Sarah's sister. ) Age: 20 now, Sweet 21 by Bitten 2. (Jesus, I'm getting old. No comments like "If you're old I'm ancient" because you all look so youthful. ^w^ But I can feel my age! xD) From: "Beautiful" Wolverhampton. (Beautiful my butt. Sam really needs to see the place before he can judge. xD) Ticket: Twas Silver last time, fingers crossed for Silver again this time, ja? Picture: Ehm... let's see if my Photobucket that I've had for about 3 million years will work.... *Invasion of ze personal space, muahaha*
  13. Fair do's. I think it's something the organisers should consider, that Gold/Silver people who aren't at the Park Inn should get a group shot with them. It saves getting just a group shot of the guests printed off like 30 times or whatever.
  14. We knew it was OF the guests... but if the people staying at the Park Inn get one with the guests, don't you think it's only fair to let the Gold/Silver people get one too? It wouldn't be that many more people anyway, really.
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