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  1. Went on Sunday as Andy Bellefleur from True Blood:- Pics on facebook:- And flickr:- http://www.flickr.com/photos/mr_jason_smith/sets/72157631715682985/ cheers Jason
  2. Nice write up! It's good to see someone else's take on it! Jason
  3. http://www.trueblood-online.com/true-blood-bitten-3/ cheers Jason
  4. Was a lovely con. Bitten will be sorely missed! Jason
  5. Here's the schedule as any easy print downloadable PDF. http://pdfcast.org/download/bitten-3-schedule.pdf Jason
  6. Huzzah, nice to have a lady this year too! Jason
  7. Best of luck finding us guests! :-) Jason
  8. Yay, great to see some themes. We can get the party costumes going now! cheers Jason
  9. These party suggestions have been popular on the forum/fb:- Friday - Merlottes Halloween party Saturday - Fangtasia Sunday - Mariannes wedding party aka toga night Jason
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