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  1. Tinne

    Post your photos

    Ok, here's a try: http://www.facebook.com/home.php?ref=logo#...mp;id=780693559 Let me know if it doesn't work, then I'll look to upload at photobucket. My pix are most of Jewel Staite, Alex Meraz, Peter Facinelli and Phelps twins.
  2. Tinne

    Vlaamse/Nederlandse Showmasters Fans.

    Ik heb gelukkig alles kunnen doen, nipt. Want er waren geen foto's meer van de Phelps twins voor handtekeningen en moest dus wachten op foto van fotoshoot. Gelukkig hebben ze gewacht tot de foto's ontwikkeld waren. Was helemaal van de kaart door Alex Meraz van Twilight Saga. Heb 2 fotoshoots met hem gedaan en heb een 5tal minuten met hem gesproken bij handtekening halen. Ik heb ook even met Jewel Staite gepraat. Jammer dat alles bij Peter Facinelli zo snel moest gaan aangezien hij zijn pasport was vergeten en zo een dag te laat in de UK aankwam. De Twilight talk was gewoon fantastisch. Deze van Heroes was wel een tegenvaller.
  3. Tinne

    The Number 7 Game

  4. Tinne

    I'm bored game

    This will be one of the last times I'll be bored...cuz I got a job!!!!!!
  5. Tinne

    The Number Game

  6. Tinne

    Movie Title Game

  7. Tinne

    Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince Film Poll

    Even though I have chosen for the book, for me it feels wrong to compare, because if you were in their place, you would have it difficult as wel to fit it in as well as possible.
  8. Tinne

    Twilight baby?!

    Bored people who think they are celebrity journalists...
  9. Tinne

    Coloured Bits on Tickets

    Yellow for Peter!
  10. Tinne

    Harry Potter and...

    OMG I thought the movie was just amazing! It is so diverse on the emotional scale...sooo funny...sooo sad... I loved esp. Tom Felton, his performance of Drako was really unbelievable. And who thought Rupert Grint's Ron could be soo funny. And Slughorn! What a character!!! Just loved it !!!
  11. Tinne

    Vlaamse/Nederlandse Showmasters Fans.

    Nog enkele dagen te gaan tegen LFCC...
  12. Could you play it on Saturday as well? Because my Sunday agenda is almost fully booked...
  13. Tinne

    Harry Potter and...

    Only 2 days left...
  14. Tinne

    What ticket number are you?

    My mate Cindy got 404!
  15. Tinne

    The 'Twilight' Picture Thread...

    I love Nurse Jackie. It's an amazing show, very hard to describe...funny but also dramatic at times...Coop is funny most of the time 'I got a gunshot, I got a gunshot' I actually wouldn't mind Coop getting nervous around me