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  1. Twisted Bunny

    Stall holder info

    That was my friend Jilly's McClelland stall she's on facebook I'll tell her to check out the forum or you can find her through facebook. Claire.
  2. Twisted Bunny

    Guest announcement Jean Boht

    Yippee it'll be good to see Jean again, I met her years ago in the days when I knew Jonathon Morris (Adrian Boswell) she came to see a show he was in with a couple of other Bread actors. Claire.
  3. Twisted Bunny

    Latest guest announcement - ROBERT RANKIN

    Yippee, can't wait he's a lovely man. Streampunk rules x
  4. Twisted Bunny

    Happy New Year.

    Happy New Year to all the crew, See you all next year. Claire.
  5. Twisted Bunny

    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas to you all xxx
  6. Twisted Bunny

    night at fangtasia

    Ebay and your local charity shop's ar always good
  7. Twisted Bunny

    Your Ideal (yet vaguely realistic) Line-Up

    I'd like to see Four Star Mary play at the saturday night party, I'm sure the guys would only be too happy to appear at the convention.
  8. Twisted Bunny

    True Blood Explained

    I've got the season 1 & 2 boxset it great, but read the books if you can they don't always stick to the story in the books.
  9. Twisted Bunny

    Stage 2 timetable

  10. Twisted Bunny


    If you want to see a show while you're in London I can recommend the half price ticket booth in Leicester square they should have a website giving you there opening times.
  11. Twisted Bunny


    Or a coach (probably cheaper) the bus station is almost next to the hotel and Northampton has lots to do as you're in the town centre there's plenty of places to get food the Wetherspoons is about a 5 minute walk from the hotel and there's a great chinese buffet nearby, what more could you want? Just a suggestion why not arrange to meet up and travel together might make the journey more fun.
  12. Twisted Bunny

    Who else would be going this alone?

    There's always people to meet up with at these events all you need to do is go down to the bar or hang round by the registration desk on the friday afternoon / evening you'll meet loads of people. If you need a roomie you can also post on here theres always people wanting to share rooms.
  13. Twisted Bunny


    I got season 1 & 2 boxset on ebay
  14. Twisted Bunny

    photography in talks

    Yeah you don't want to blind the guest's
  15. Twisted Bunny

    Chevron 7.3 Schedule

    Thanks Too Tall.